Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant Nov 6 2021


THat was the most epic boxing match ive seen in a long ass time. L:ike holy Fuck
What can I say, I really like Caleb Plant, his story where he came from his perserverance.
Canelo Alvarez the King!!
I knew Canelo was gonna win after he hospitalized that last opponent.
Holy fuck. So lets see what i can p[ut together. THe press conference they scrapped. Caleb Worthy opponent. nothing but 100% respect.
To go up against Canelo, but lose in round 11, he was getting wobbly footed.
And, that Canelo beat down.
Im just fucking completly blown away.
Whose gonna take out alvarez; nobody. I wish I was from Mexico to feel that national pride he just brought.
Yeh he kinda cocky but hes the Champ. My nurse friend says the crown in corny.
Wow that was the one Alvarez came thru with that left uppercut after the first left Jab that was the one that got him.
Really respect to both fighters that was a great show.
100% respect for Caleb Plant, the dude seems down to earth someone you can be friends with.
And the same for Alvarez,the guy is a legend in my eyes. He negiotied his brother release from the cartel, hospitalized his last opponent.
Just got distracted on the twitch anyways. Moving on, that was epic end to epic weekend, bryans bday, feeling pretty good about the life.
Im just blown away Alvarez exciting fight. No one is stopping him anytime soon , ill mark my own words.

Author: clayton

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