Its A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

I bought it on youtube.
Ok first i played myself, thinking the shit woulndt come on, i mean come on.
The screen black is so weird what the fuck. Played yourself sun! lol thats funny.
lol funny,. the video was dark i though t it was a joke,,
Already the intro is a special thing,
yea pro opening credits.
theyre like mixing it all up. purpous
I like it .
Creative golden years i dunno awesome animation
Its awesome just thrash that ordinary.
Stanley Kramer, first time i heard that.,.
I know a bit not too much just enough. sick driving
whoa .
lol dying words about pot of gold thats hilarious…
imagine hearing that in Forrest gump NAm scene.
All the old faces from back in the day , i dont know half of em
Johnny carson right,.. lol ill probably regret this but just gonna roll with I dont know, lets just move along.
I was preocupied with something now im back lol, love how didnt need to write this or that but I do anyways.
Hes too old to be johnny carson, im just like movie takes me for a loop cause i dont know.
Tough when theres the radio too but work through it it is what it is, Is that Sinatra, nah….
These characters its from a era i guess i know nothing about, kinda humbling all the faces look familiar but i dont know shit, till after i look it up.
Abbot and costello or the other way around.
OK they all racing for the 350gs its some nice american scenery, theyre all in their different styled vehicles. Really vintage more than i particularly know.
That radio shack lol. This movie is definetly really interesting to watch.
Whoa Ecto 1 wow. Big W
its like a joke on the macdonalds maybe. Before GPS and how to tell a story on film like that. Now its all just mega command center .
This is some wild ass movie. lol. Gotta love the vintage car rat race, isnt that what thi is lol, rat race bit this hard right.
Or its a common theme. Lol this movie freaking hilarious.
Almost need like a booklet guide just great really.
Movie making at its finest.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85