Belle Epoque

Just was learning random things via the curiosity found a few things worth writing down on some creative things from the Belle Epoque. 1900-1914
Was watching some old 80s documentaries on the Era.
Learning about Loie Fuller, American living in Paris doing the serpentine dance with silk and Lighting effect what else. She did the cool dances and movie effects. Its pretty good.
Other things I liked was the Renoir paintings really skillfull and interesting.
Oh man I saw suffragette Emily Davison get hit by the horse on video, I read about it but never thought id see it on video, that was pretty hardcore.
Gotta touch back a little bit on the stooges. But, for offensive shit the line back then was that playwright that got exile.. wait gotta find out more about that one.
Its like in sexual frustration he makes love to a scarf ad te world wasnt ready for it lol, Right now in retrospect its hilarious. Because even at the stoioges vs now, its just such a contrast. Wild ass contrast, seriously to a world almost where nothing is sacred anymore, and often I see shocking juts for to be shocking and not relevant or connected to the original context. Whats that ww1 guy that said, I still think any human has the right to be horrified seeing a war casualty body on a quick stroll. Thats a shame I cant find, that I imagine some literay poet or writer during the war. Totally agree. I think thats a little beyond the belle epoque but wanted to write it anyways. Ah its interesting to me Canadians in France. but also the arts. LEadup to the war. What would the world e without the first world war. Its not the same but Its a worthwhile question. Im not asking if It had to happen or if it was avoidable just what it would be like in a different universe. Time traveller let me know ahaha.
What is with playwrights and being the center of controversy, and when does the playwright as a artist (or the author in fact) decide to stop with the entertaining bit, and go full on trauma. I gotta say it takes an exeptional artist to go from that, to that. And in bad taste, when its done as debutants.. for example Ill use John Steinbeck and grapes of wrath, and death of a salesman, Arthur Miller. I guess art is so subjective I find it in bad taste when thats the initial goal, thats my 2 cents.
Salome play, was past the line too. Oscar Wilde.
Afternoon of a Faun sticks out as particularly notable too. 1912. Vaslav Nijinsky. Thats some powerful shit, make a whole audience and norm shocked about the graphic sexual desires. Can you just imagine all those well to do-ers going for a night out. Its like throw in a little Roger Waters political and social commentary with the entertainments, too. I dont think theres much else to add.

Author: clayton

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