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Happy NYE in my time zone everyone.
Ill fix the front page just wanna write some about the movies I seen over holidays, thats what this is anyways or original intent is the entertainment log if i keep some school things just cause its a tool thats it. Reminds me to make the front page. Ill do it eventually. Disney+ general review pretty awesome.

Treasure Island, seen the movie before the book, i thought it was awesome. It glowed out like a diamond after i seen the William Henley storey dunno why I keep spelling that with a.
Fuckin treasure island! and that obviously led to some Pirates of the Caribean Bloody hell talking like a piratre always in fashion. With the grimaces, lol.

Soul, that was dope, from Jazz to incredible story line, a visceral , emotional cool story, some humour, the Jazz and magic moments explanation, i thought the voice acting was awesome. Just yea reminded me a little of Fantasia in a way.

What else the Rogue one was fun, Watched the “Dont look up” that was pretty wild lol. Im happy for Leo, hes always had a knack for being in the best films, I mean like revenant, this last one look up, fuckin wolf of wall street.Sorry to say; titanic, he needs to come back and experience a real chinook, although even for that vs the climate change and a little silly appearance at the cop 26 I still ,like the guy lol, the teenage girl heartthrob from my youth, lol . Hes not Canadian, I think he makes a good official guest despite all that crap lol. But the movie itself fuckin crazy yo. Wild ass satire. Like effects , range of emotions. Makes me wanna be a stargazer,. gotta do it all. So an inspiring movie for me. yeh I dont edit ahaha.

Next, What else Rogue 1, Second time seeeing it was just as good the second time, for me feature lengths its the best of the stand alone series that ive seen so far, Bravo. Sorry to hear about the one time characters, I was like whats this ? When i first seen it, however its a powerful film with extra star wars action and drama, overall the acting is good. Some part im like ugh. Tarking fuckin wild. Space battles races wild. Battles and suspenses are exciting. Its a real sing along in terms of cheering along. Cause the Death Star activation sequences. Then the hologram messages, and the whole comes together at the episode Iv correlian corvette opening scene. Except this time, the scene is shown of the princess right after making her message and the hot pursuit by Darth Vader, that scene fuckin crazy. Darth Vader as powerful as seen before probably. Hes just layin to waste anything in his path.
Happy New Years.

Watched some Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer the stop motion, that was gud. Been a while since I seen that. Really well done, the dentist elf, rock on lol. I dunno I gotta watch the making of or learn more bout that one, thats pretty gud.

What else trailer park boys xmas special, fuck thats funny. Thats definetly got a Canadian trailer park cranked up stereotype, but fuck its funny. Its like documentary style can help but watch and laugh at the hilarity your witnessing its so overkill, its got a little stooges themes in it. It pokes jokes at alcoholism and other undesirable topics.
I dunno thats all i got.
Watched more halves of other movies.

Lol watched the Sitter , Jonah Hill it was pretty funny, funny ass kids just doing mischief.

Played some Risk 2201 lots of rules, added some new elements to the game lol.

Watched the new matrix resurrections movie, was good, gotta love the Keanu, breaking the 3rd wall, I was like what the fuck is going on, then it revealed itself it was quite epic. Takes me back 20 years like wtf. I gotta say like ive told everyone else, after matrix 1, 2& 3 were kinda rinsed, but they came back huge for this one. These types of movies they like redefine movies in general. Or what a movie can actually be. You know its nostalgic seeing your ‘heroes’ from back in the day, as they are today… that crazy hacker JTHM look maybe was it fashionable that flip phone ? 90s were wild. But, yea sorry the one complaint I had was no-Lawrence Fishburne, you know gotta love the Fishburne as a actor, Apocalypse now, yea. They did a cool nod-too, with Keanu sayin sorry, but yea it did work through the story, The agents were different but the way they explained it was cool. So some good acting, also playing the hollywood cheeze to your advantage. I really liked it, and it was a good lenght, they didnt milk it like 2 & 3, once again why not fishburne thats weird to me.. Afraid to pay the cost? Or whats up. Some good cheer moments though. Love the Kung-Fu, love the computers, love the dystopian machine world how grimey it is and the switch it up on em that the humans power the robotics world. I guess thats the Gaia vs Robots style shit. Pretty wild, then they started taking some themes from the new star wars, like the reporgrammed droids, and the Robots, that fight vs the evil robots, plot twists, I wasnt clever enough to figure out, but i was surprisingly pleased with those big reveals. Fuckin Matrix bro living inside a simulation. So many metaphors you dont know whats real anymore. MEh thats all i got. Watched a bunch of movies justa quick note on what I recall and my initial impression, shit changes after a while i think itll be interesting to revisit some of these experiences, thats what it is right. Entertainments experiences, looking at subjects through a different lense, rinse repeat lol. Feeling a little rusty on the writings so its nice to spend a bit of time just fuckin with the blog its always a rewarding experience. Just bvetter use of time, than just watching and not logging.

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