Detroit Rock City ’99

Dunno why im watching this more Cleveland Ohio things lol.
Ok intro is awesome love the coming of age in the 70’s Nowadays Kiss seems so tame or lite. Just the late 70s pretty awesome. Seen Richard Pryor that club 54, Kiss of course, The former president Carter, the cover. THe disco, I dunno woulda been fun to experience, makes me thing a little of the Dazed and Confused. Muscle cars stioll cool, I dunno i liek Kiss despite its mega marketability, always hear those tunes on the radio, Gene Simmons pretty funny for a old time rock guy lol. I got nothing bad to say . Samrt dude that did well for himself, and the songs are good. Makes me think of that 70s Show. All clichees and stereotypes. What can i say about Ohio; wild place. High school in the 70s and all trying to go to some concer. Its like Almost Famous , all these movies have a similar theme. Got some stooges gags in the beginning come on the sping back with phone i see that as stooge inspired with the funny sound effects. I dunno at heart its a comedy, in the same hand its a rock movie. Its a window into Kiss concert for those of us that havent been. Funny how many people Kiss inspired in the Metal scene no joke lol. After watching some beatles film and now im thinking about the Jack Black and Tenacious D thats good shit lol. Jack Blackk and tenacious D did some awesome things with Rock and for Rock. Just as a musician entertainer hes pretty good, just a comjpletely silly over the top actor, you just think Jack Black and you think of mega rocking out over the top and rock style grimaces, brings a tear to my eye how much he rocks out lol. Pick of Destiny that shits legendary! Some elements of hip hop and rock being for everyone, mostly the misfits. With your mom picking out the clothes at the main character. Dont know why this came up just on some Ohio musical themes since some NCAAF, and watched some TBDBITL: 41 got me in the spirit. Not much rocking about the drum major but sure takes dedication practice and consistency. I admire it and the group effort.
Anwyays back to rock city. They do like a comic book style presentation. Its good seeing Ed2ward Furlong, , 1 hes not in American History X good gawd that movie lol, but nice seeing him Terminator 2, fucking love that movie. That atari pin pad machine learnt about that on the LGR cool. Anyways I cant wait to see what kinda trouble they get into. Teal Yellows browns oranges. Damn got the tickets lol. Everyone knows the drama from highschool. Yeh fuck that though being censored from music from hardcore christians is wrong lol.Smoking the ciggy from that lol thats esome epic antagonist. With the flames. Not bad lol. The mom is going off lol. Its like a feature them in alot i can think of. Like the twister sister and the Creepshow 82. you know so silly just noticing some of the 90s grunge right now lol. thats funy.
Movie is ridiculous, its liek a giant Kiss commercial, got the pinball all the merch. Was a little surprised to see the Gene Simmon wife forget her name. Watched all their family show she seems nice and funny from the show lol. Reality tv Is what it is lol. I just instantly recognized her, shes buying young boys drinks at the bar ahahah. Its funny. Its an adventure. This guy at the church gonna get the girl and the ticket, shout out to the weird chain smoking mom. Ron jeremy. Ed Furlong is stripping lol. Well of course the Kiss team gonna be in the Kiss themed movie, im surprised the name isnt in the title. Isnt it Shannon? Yeh Shannon tweed thats right. Seriously all the KISS Merch all in this comics toys toys from the day . must be all the museum items lol including the stretch armstrong. that song lol. lol protest party this some funny scenes.
Ok what I liked about it, not too long, the musicians dint play all these stupid scenes they just did the show like 10 mins, kept it to the point wasnt the greatest movie but it was fun. Captures the experience pretty well. That 90s grunge is pretty heavy lol. What am i hearing Marilyn Manson Pretty good soundtrack. Random movie silly. Movie plays out like the wizard big commercial for super mario 3, except for KISS. wow 23 years old of a movie thats wild.

Author: clayton

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