Beat street ’84

This on of my favorite greatest movies. The way this movie makes me feel is epic.
Every scene and the club scenes, the struggles in the ghetto, i can relate with alot of this. And, this movie is pure hip hop. Deals with emotion and the creative outlet. I can understand Ramones struggle and goals. The little house they make for the baby its nice. Its like despite all the shit they still have a community. Success through hip hop and work on self and mastery of craft. Cause whent he battle begind can only count on yourself and your team. Its a beautiful movie. Contrasts of how gross and rowdy it was back then. Elements of why i love hip hop so much, and what it means to me. Everyone deserves friends like that, but if you burn your bridges its on you. Struggles withh family and how tio spend your time. Ramone, “Why dont you even look at what i did” to that joy in the clyub and perfomance and taste of success Djs mom always givin em a hard time., which he in terms passes on to his younger bro. Then the dance audition and tape, and the commerciality of the hip hop culture, ‘used’ by the mainstream and for what for some exposure. Really the duality the creative vs the business. Not sure what else I can write about it except i love this movie. Watch it once every year xmas time, the movie has vivacity, the scenes are alive full of energy. Anyone wants to talk beat street im all about it. Any day or time 24/7 movie reminds me wqhy i love life so much. Golden age fore NYC so trashy but amazing at the same time. People so real back then compared to now, even though i discuss a ficitonal type movie tyhat breakdance scene brough hip hop to the world no small feat.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85