Star Trek TNG

This gotta be the best show on the planet.
I think ill mark it as film. This page all horribly organized anyway.
I got some things to write about Star Trek though.

__ not sure where to start writing about TNG, maybe i recaught on when the scub church page was up, caught a few episodes. Picared worf data are my favorite characters, followe dby Ryker, Geordi. TYheres some good writing in that show. And, english and poetry and Naval battle tactics. Picard is a funny strict character wise. I enjoy watching him deal with situations. Actually im always curious to what will happen next. Reminds me of that Mike Tyson interviews captain kirk Admiral.. yeh Shatner. Nash picard is the best character, so stubborn yet effective. He calls barkllay brocolli haha thats a good laugh. Against his own orders. Show is still futuristic, although some of the sets seem a little off. Im surpised the computer images and engineersing doesnt look completly corny. I love data as a character, the AI , the humor, and the android, very asimov ish. aint nothing to it its a great show. So i giess im planning ,y sadness with stooges and star trek ends and when im done reading foundation what will i do next. You ever see the books Carl sagan read, damn that guy was a legend. can only read and watch so much in a lifetime, its a truth. I wonder if Carl Sagan liked StarTrerk he proubably enjoyed it yet also thought it was a little silly, thats what id ask him who his favortite charatcers on TNG were. I was 11 when he passed. How do i connect Carl Sagan and the stooges lol. Maybe just that war time, academics and the professor and his lab lol. Makes me sad and also smile at the same time.. D troi is a interesting character a bit of a Lisa Simpson type of character. Voic e of reason maybe.

Author: clayton

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