WW2 Netflix docs

Been so busy life and school lacking on the blog, but caught up on some ww2, netflix since war in Ukraine.
i dunno what stands out for me.
Battle of the midway, Stalingrad, Marines at Tarawa, Fire bombing Dresden.
Wow lts of gore and bodies i seen this time.
Germans frozen to death at Eastern front.
Yeh the Pacific front is quite scary, do not envy those boys one bit.
I liek the tactics, the yes-men, the personaities, the diary keepers.
Just insane destruction on the way to Berlin.
Stalin pitting his generals in a race against time.
Its liek rigth after the ww2 ended , was the strat of the cold war, to as it is today.
Often the generals of new armies, have their yes men, over exagerate the abilities of a certain battlegroup that leads to disaster.
yea learnt more about the north african campaign and Italy this time.
Seen the Red Ensign a few places.
The mafia assisting the Americans in Italy that was interesting.
Seen some footage of the Otto Skorzeny, just interesting cause i read his autobiography once upon a time.
Yeh listening to some survivors of ww2, theyre all non-chalant about what they did, really incredible though.
And, yeh the dawn of the photo-video techs.and propganda machine in the same hand.
Just an effort to make sense of whats going on today.
Then yea the Dunkirk spirit, DDay and difficulties, to the impossible situation of amphibious assaults, island hoping. Its pretty crazy.
Id love to be able to tour some sites in the pacific one day.
Just thought to write a few words on that before i forget forever.
Actually went back to the stooges. Baseball, artworks, boxing.
Charles Schefeel and the stories about the Shark and the Black segregated pilots rocked my socks off.
WW2 just wow.
Blessed to have this life currently, and didnt have to do any of those horrible things.
LL Cool J was narrator cool. for mr Shelby Westbrook
I think the Scheffel and hotel stpory in San Antonio, and the Jesus medic, then the sinking of the USS Samuel B Roberts Jack Yusen SHark Stories, then the Japanese American Jimmie Kanaya, wow what a leged, and a sad part of history. Just cant believe how much ass he kicked despite his fam being loicked up and the germand recapturting him and suffering in that way. Jack Werner too just some stories and names that are hard to forget. Prolly maybe the best fo the 3, the first 2, WW2 in color, and ww2 the one about the road to victory, those wer cool but its so much more to hear if from those that were there. I noticed they were all chipper, acceptace, and funny. depite what they had to go through, gotta have some faith. Gotta not give up.

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