Monty Python netflix

Omg im watching some Monty Python first time in years!
First time watching in order.
First time since cable tv, honestly it was like a last choice as a child watching some Monty Python watched few episodes already this shit is hilarious.
More and more britisah humor just growing on me, and my enjoyment of english. What can i say mocking the french and european taste on funny skits. I dont even know when was monty python 70’s 80’s?
Ive seen the movies seen the PC game, set during the plague. I love comedy. Fun to see these old character i havent seen in a while. Stooges was some great americana, this is sorm great Culture of England.
I can just do the same thing Instead of Columbia its “Britannia.” Goltta love em both, just curiosity what is France?
Marianne since the ‘revolution. Wow i gotta say thats totally fascinating.
Looks a little medieval wow took me less than 2 paragraps to start talking about France hahah.
ANyways back to English. the BBC, the the CBC and they play
Coronation street, fuck that took me a long time to remember, fuckin hate that show, but i can respect it.
Its like been running in Canada for eons.
I much prefer the full on Mont Python.
Like holy crap i didnt realize how much English/British Content there is on the Tv, just a quick look on the wikipedia freakin wild!
Canada Corner Gas, Kim Grocery Murdoch Mysteries. Im sorry im not a fan of CBC one bit. I like the Olympic coverage, i liek the CBC radio when i go driving the News and tv is so freaking subpar lol. Lately just all the CBc stories getting pulled filled with half truthes and lies pretty much. Not even gonna get into te states, i know someone gonna be like what about Fox news and Tucker carlson, well this aint freaking twitter. Im not America, unless you mean “North American” lol. Look facts are i love Mexico USA, Canada, France UK and their tv cultures. I never really thought about TV cultures till i wrote this. Really, and I enjoy the blog, chemistry and Physics are so freaking dry fascinating but its morew like taking in Information, whilst-writing, and the blog is a creative outlet. Its fun to me how i can link the Stooges, the Monty Python, the France Marianna, all together. Jst makeas me wanna comment a little opn the political, Stooges didnt need no Bill C-11. Monty python dindt need no bill C-11. I dont nered no fuckin loser telling what CANCON to watch, i found it myslef and through other friends supporting CANCON. Omhg that JAYZM officail of hatever it was from thos Canadian hip hop Cards that was a good laugh. But yea didnt need no C-11 to watch that shit. They try to play it like Canada lacking culture, its nah, its Establishment only promotes certain culture while ramming the rest under the rug. I didnt need no C-11 to Read Pierre Burton. I dont see them (establishment) promiting tha shit neither, and we;l see with the Platinum Jubilee, is it more selective or non-bias Bias, or Base,, gonna have to go with Bias here. Like im trying to see why i enjoy the BBC, while i cant stand the CBC. I need a englis persob to tell me what they thing of BBC. Some of my favorite english people Kursa, and Goldie, and Sya & Bow. They didnt need no Bill-C11 that shit stood on its own. The Crew of the Red Dwarf lol. Benedict Cumberland his role as Smaug i was watching that shit is fascinating. Just English Literature for the Treasure island to the William Ernest Henlay. C.S. Lewis was just learning about. Glad to write these down in a discombobulated post cause otherwise might forget.
Anyways Monty Python, can wirte more about that not ‘anything but. Just watching some ballooning and chaotic scenes. Gonna watch the wholes shit and try to get some memories from youth. Yeh and Netflix keeps takin away my WW2 in HD.
Monty Python been a hoot. Nudity back then its so crazy, and the sets they did so crazy
Its uniquely british or english thats forsure.
Love those little animations they did. Its like Whose line only a little crazier.
fun to watch the actors just drag it on every last line still in character.
More freaking Monty Python, silly skits, some that seem to drag on some that are extra hilarious, random , creative. i dunno its a fun show. Those paper animations lol southpark really refinedf that but the guy(s) that did the monty pythons beats are the jay the door animations.

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