Fun drum and bass rest final fantasy suits, driving around got a turkey dinner, with some old friends.
Seen a show did the dinner, watched treasure island again it was awesome.
Slick rick awesome.
Yup, gotta refresh and get back to kicking the can, it aint much but it soemthing.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Watched some; jumanji 2, was awesome.
Loved the Dani Devito impressions.
Watched some Jack ass Forever, that was insanely funny couldnt look away.
Watched 3/4 of the How high , red and meth go to Harvard that was funny missed the end of it though ah well.
been watching Jungle Cruise. So far I like it.
Gotta love the Rock as an actor, his movies are so good. His Acting is really top notch too.
Good ol adventure.
Might make a push for some old disney movies and more Columbia movies.
I cant believe the Sony doenst have a streaming service.
And, but of a negative review already for disney plus.
Its like Disney plus it reminds me of the MLB tv so out of touch with their customers/ fans, really only got negative things to say so far.
Lol english lady punches the rock thats funny.
Myke Tyson punched someone on a plane recently, who would fuck with Myke Tyson seriously, and hes such a nice dude.
Gotta love the Rock too good addition to films and acting, and humble too.

Author: clayton

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