Suits — Netflix

Ok something new. Been watching the suits lawyer types running amok in NYC lol
beautiful people always groomed being smarty pants lol.
I dunno its interesting to watch funny how you watch some of an episode and then you become hooked.
I can tel you now though im gonna cancel netflix then and get the disney plus.
Anyways suits, what can i say i dunno its fun to see the lawyer biz doing all sorts of shenanigans, clients and lawyer problems lol.
Its dramatic but cant help but chuckle a bit.
its the super team.
Treeasure island.
Anyways i seen what the sitter?
Who is that ok i recognize Meghan Markle
and then oh knocked up thats where i seen her.
Yeh, ok well thats the only one i recognized but i liked the acting right away.
Yeh sets are cool, and themes are cool but the acting and the good looking people lol , its like you cnat look away.
What type of laywer treeachery will they do next.
Lucrative to be a lawyer but at the expense of the morals lol.
Omg she was in under siege 2 ahahah.
Reminds me of the Leprechaun ahaha.
Hey man theyre actors, theyre meant to be critiqued prasied and mocked sometimes.
From the bottom to the top.
Its just intresting to me.
ANyways the cast is great on the show, the story more or less believable.
And they got Neal McDonough, im sorry all i can see is Captain John Boyd eating private Reich lol from Ravenous, ahaha, that movie is not for the faint hearted.
Hey Neal McDonough if youre reading this; i loved you in ravenous sick character lol. Ill never forget that movie lol.
Buddy 20 some years ago ahaha. Cannibals.
I know i went right off on a tangent, whats better ravenous or the revenant.
Ah he got black listed lol.
Ah hollywood so werid gotta love the Neal Mcdonough, band of brothers, ravenous, suits. Thats a good list i like the actor.
Just another addition to a great show so far.
I dont even like lawyer drama but i like this show.

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