Classic Columbia

Im on the fence still with Sony.
Definetly Sony > Microsoft
Where does mac apple fit in? ahaha
But let me be clear, i freaking love Columbia pictures.
Heck I like Sony, Where is the Sony Streaming.

Anyways tried to get more history in.
Theres a columbia pictures, list unfortunately theyre incredibly difficult to find.
Some are even lost, like this one title, Better to be pitied than scorned.
I cant believe a 1922 movie from a studio lost.
Maybe they just didnt know.
So archives are an important thing.
Time capsules.
If paramount can have a streaming service so should Sony.
ill keep moving through the list though and this be my placeholder.

Alright i got something to say. Cant belive that Sony music and Cypress Hill thats ugly to me. Still like SDony but that was dumb move on their part imo , but yea thats just neither here nor there anymore, i knew there was some shitty things abou tthe columbia turned sony, but i guess thats the first one forsure is the cypress hill doc, lol. How can i not comment on that. Oh yea and then Huky and Amazon was both such ass, i just made a donation and downloaded the shit. Some Cypress fan put it up no problem at all. I sincerely tried, but im almots a expert / intermediate computer user and yea i dunno just not impressed. Even youtube lately its liek harder to fin what ur looking for sometimes. Its liek if you dont agree with the cookies its like they show you the shitty version of the page lol. Im waching Frasier on the other screen getting pinched picking up a hooker ahaha, thats so funny. Oh yea fuckin sony fucked up on that Cypress hill shit, i mean in the example for SNL, its liek what you condoned the Ashely Simpson , no offenses personally, bvut you condonned that shit over Cypress Hill, wow. And im supposed to take you seriously after that, its a bit of a heavy strike for me just sayin. I dunno still enjoyed some shit it just didnt work out with the hill sometimes, not liek itsa any of my business, that shit just crossed my path being a cypress hill fan. Yeh i dunno i think i figired it out, how i like Spony but its not teh same as the columbia, but they still use the same logoi, like e assured that i think the sony is tastefui. its just that minor nuance lol. Yheah they did release something new gaming, i barely seen, and yeh its like amzon, or hulu paramount, even disney plus. I almost think netflix and or youtube deserves it the most. you tuve is the best then. Unless its acting up liek i was describing, then go se edge for a bit lol. Whats the best movie Microsoft made, liek something windows 95 or earlier, or like Halo 1. Xbox original . Flight sim or something i cant think of atm.I guess the movies the OS is made on, i dunno if youre a cliche movie producer then its prolly all ridiculous all the time, and if it inst youre wishin it was.

“Note the notes.”

Huey and the news sued Columbia for the ghostbusters song lol. Thats funny why cant we all get along. I like em both noth gonna ..
Lol looking at my comments early wow musta been on a tear or typing fast thats hilarious. No edits lol. Just looking at that im like wow. smh.

2023 sept 23
Columbia films I wish to watch
Absolute power.

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