Classic Disney

Ok havent renewed the Netflix yet.
Decided to go with some Classic Disney.
Not on Disney plus neither im talking classic disney on youtube and other video sites.
Im not against Disney Plus just testing the waters first.
Just recap of what i watched, I watched the Academy awards, birds and the trees and also Three little pigs.
Yea; Silly Symphonies, lol its a (m) not a syn. Thats funny. But how often does one (me) write the word “Symphony.”
Thats funny.
Maybe a band of something, thats not quite a symphony, an ensemble..
Its an extended composition.
Usually for a western.
How many new westerns lately, i can think of 2-3.
Anyways wateched the 3 little pigs that was good, and birds and trees.
Snow white and seven dwarves was awesome.
Really good sets scenes facial expressions, reminds me of a book i had as a child, just a picture book with the story.
MAybe same as pinochio.
Anyways back to snow white seven dwarves, really gotta get my hands on that making of documentary, i wanna see Walt D. Speak. I cant believe he sold his house and showed a bank manager a clip to get a loan to finish off the movie, the rest is history. Its in the film archive USA National archive i researched some before.
I guess you know it all comes back to Grapes of Wrath for me, John Steinbeck, and literature pieces so important that they are archived forever, cultural significance, and its really a time capsule.
Besides im blown away some of that content is so incredibly good from the 30s.
Not saying that i didnt enjoy Soul as a classic, im just a nostagia freak.
the thing about nostalgia though always gotta be making new memories.
Yea that evil queen (snow white) what a character, Brothers Grimm; how did they know so many stories and fables, thats what im curious.
All these characters are unique, really take a fiction expert., team of experts to develop those characters.
And i liked the ending too.
So neat and fascinating to me had to check out the disney ride differences. First ride was scarey, second ride they digitized it and made it happier. Just evolutions.
Id love to be a fly on the wall at one of those board big decision meetings for the franchise(s) especially maybe Star Wars.
For the record i enjoyed Rogue one, and Force awakens rise of skywalker, ugh the ones i really didnt like were the episodes 1-2-3 almost unsalvageable, although i respect it.
I really like the George lucas Cameo in Beverly Hills cop 3. lol.

I saw sword in the stone recently was great.

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