Addams Family original

Carolyn Jones shes funny.
Only a couple seasons.
Lurch is funny and tall Frankenstein lookin.
Just funny 60’s house occurrences.
Its old fashioned slightly dark.
Itsa a comedy got a laugh track.
Gomez always into some political current event with his own flavor.
Gomez has a way about things.
Oh i guess she was in dragnet and a buncha other shows and films. Morticia is a funny character.
Considering my intro to addams family had to have been in 91 with their new movie and video game. Followed by the cartoons.
Now theres a new cartoon out. Cant believe the brand still going.
Cold war 1 era.
Its got a rocky and bullwinkle feel.
Its got prop comedy.
Carolyn Jones in Batman 60s lol, thats an achievement forsure.
60s Clichee lol its a funny show to watch.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85