Tango and Cash

I cant believe it took me this long to get this on hahaha.
its more from cinnnemassacre.
Not gonna write this just acknowledging that i watched it lol.
On the fron kurt russell and stallone who could go wrog this has to be the best movie ever right
Ok that was fuckin great didnt know how bad i needed that ahahaha!!
That is by far one of the best buddy cop movies all time that ive ever seen.
Just completely ridiculous , fll of clichees, one liners, late 80s excess, Russell and Stalone , wow feel like a kid again, that was like an american james bond, with seinfeld stars if my name was on that credit roll id be proud lol.
Aight well that was a good start to the new series, cause i love 80s and i didnt even know this existed till tonight now i get to show all my friends.
So in terms of excessive 80s cop movies this ranks up with like Beverly hills cop III for me. Yeh ill have to rate all the action movies but yeh that really took me back to some nostalgia didnt even know i had. its easy to forget they made movies like this ahaha.
And yeh aint no one cept Cinemasscre talking about this, so thats a time capsule.I dunno for films i like cheezy one liners and ridiculous explosions and fight scenes and clichees. yup take me back to 89 im freaking thrilled lol. and shaking my head at the same time, dunno how i missed that being a kurt russell enthusiast. but there we go.

Author: clayton

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