Plan 9 From Outer Space ’59

This movie is just totally ridiculous, bustin a gut laughin.
Just making a note, about the Vampira, and that waspish waistline.
I guess she was inspired by some Charles Addams comics. Obviously Morticia, anyways interesting story. Its funny to note I was watching some Addams Family original not too long ago. Never occured to me to find out about the creator of the Addmas family idea, was the American comic illustrator Charles Addams. Wow this movie is great, the sets the acting, the characters, the stock footage, the UFOs. Boy I was surprised to see the occupents of the UFO were straigh up human, just some funny star trek style suits. Well and the ship is much of an upgrade compared to the Flash Gordon Steam ships. I like the plain backgrounds, like the Army colonel sitting behind a blank background. The graveyard, plain background. The Ufos, painted space backgrounds. Looks like this coulda been made in any cheap studio, and on the outskirts of LA. The rest stock footage, some impressive video of old school US army MLRS, theres a double twin stack, and it looks like the driver and passenger just getting tossed around violently when that thing was going off. Then some jets looked interesting to me, the F-86, sitting on that rocket tube, really the main feature of that plane, then it obviously rubbed off on the soviets because the early migs look exactly like em, before they split off with different features. Mig-15 Cool lookin plane both of em. The pilot in movie, theyre sitting in the room. Vampira’s hand and excessive nails leads the way. The inspector Clay has a ghastly look mouth drooping open. Bela Lugosi wit his standard Dracula cape, and walk. i freakin love this movie so far. Its not like B-movies from nowadays, its a movie from 1959 so far and distant from what i know, you’d have to be told its a B-movie probably. Jst cause the effects, its liek not expecting much from 2022 but when you see the sets and the tech makes you chuckle a bit. Im curious to the response of the audience back then. Whether it was a entertaining thing, or just stupid. Its rated as the best worst movie by many, and its definitely gained a cult following. Just a fun movie, for its retro appeal, dialogue and explanations, story line.
Makes me think of Mars Attacks, gonna have to revisit that one on the Blog. That I remember but its been aged a bit. Theyre all drinking coke ahaha. Seen that before. They must have a coke movie agent that places soft drinks in every half suitable situation. Turn on the dictorary so we may converse with them. Turns on the Traffic signal ahaha. Ok Solarite and more plot. But Vampira she really makes it for me, that menacing look. Its menacing and at the same time hilarious, zombies with sci fi. Horror with a sci fi that takes itself seriously. Dramatic ending. Otherwise that was great more of a haloween style movie but great nonetheless. I gotta respect the Hollywood golden age, or end of the golden era. Movie was great Tor Johnson and the characters. No one too famous except for Bela Lugosi maybe. Loved the character interactions, the aliens were a little lackluster. I mean the ‘Ruler’ was wearing some sort of medieval gard with a battle axe ahaha. I just woulda loved to see that get filmed and the director briefs. Definetly a good choice for a quick distraction. Ed Wood i think i knew that. Thats goptta be hs most famous or well known movie. Im no expert though, but its a whole world out there with Ed Wood movies. I can remember that shit didnt interest me much before, compared to now. I wish to see more. Especially some of the films made without backing from the major studios, its amateur but its good.

Author: clayton

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