Summer 2022

Havent visited the blog in while might aswell write a couple of the flicks i seen that I thought were worth logging.
Just been so busy with school and life that the blog really takes back seat.
I do this for solely myself, although i suppose if someone enjoys reading my ramblings the more the merrier.
Found some fun writers on the twitter. I use the twitter for baseball, but its brought about some interesting cross interests. Such as the writing education space, engineering, music. Mostly follow celebrities I can only follow on twitter.
Anyways where was I.
Top gun 2, Sorry Top gun “Maverick.”
Tom Cruise is a weirdo, yea. But he makes really good movies lol.
Aint that the truth. upon reviews from my friend to see in theatres seen it with the fam. I enjoyed it. no special effects, decent acting, just being around the planes is so cool. I dunno the mission and the new class was semi forgettable, but otherwise the plane shots and action sequences, thats where its at. Oh yea jennifer Connely too, shes A-list forsure. I always see her in that horrible drug movie with Jared Leto. Requiem for a dream, omg that traumatzing movie from my teens lol. yeh thats a character role ill never forget. I dont nessecarily suggest that movie unless your looking for a traumatic shocking movie. But never the less a intense role for her. I also like Labyrinth with David Bowie, thats a more fantasy puppet movie, its more family friendly. So i was pleasantly surprised to see her in that. Yeh Tom Cruise what can you say, I like how cocky he is and that mach speed scene where he ends up at the bar asking for a glass of water. I dunno its also fun to see him back in the jets. They picked up where it left off. The whole Goose and son thing, i guess was kinda predictable and ‘part’ of the story, but it left me kinda rolling my eyes. If finally he was gonna be on the mission anyways then why bother with the sappyness. And, then they crashed behind enemy lines, and were in a jet in like 2 seconds after lol. That was another eye roll. Im just like go all in rambo style, Arnold style and forget the sappyness. Thats all the negative things i gotta say. Its like why dip your toe in the stupid pool just to go back to the action movie. I dunno i guess some type of story and character development. Otherwise im a fa, i seen it in theatres, the jets were amazing, you know shout out to John Hamm I was really happy to see him in such a comic relief awesome role. ill never forget him in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. As the hotel front desk guy. Yeh that was great. Plus hes the superior so it just made it funny for me to watch. Yeh the new class, cocky over emotional pilots from every race and stereotype. It was like the beginning of a resident evil movie, where you meet all the ‘crew’ so to speak. I dunno is it really necessary, maybe. Theres the nice humble and the evil cocky guy, just overkill on the stereotypes, makes it for cheezy characters you love to hate and normal nice characters you supposed to love. Nothing against any of them i just think its a little clichee. If holywood really wanted to introduce new characters they can easily. In the case of stranger things, overnight successes, kate bush, its like wow. So yeh a little rinsing old characters some new. This just my unbridadle opinion btw. No idea who Miles Teller or Glenn Powell are, besides this flick. Yeh Val Kilmer too looking not so great but a nice homage to some older characters from the first film. I mean they did the new matrix without Lawrence Fishburne not sure why, but its the ‘universes’ way. Where anything goes. Im fine with it who cares, but they did Lawrence Fishburn bad i think. They put a statue of him lol. Like why bother lol. I wonder if he went to go see it. Anyways what else can is say, good movie good cast, decent story, excellent execution, definetly would pay another movie ticket to see it again. Top Gun is Tom Cruises baby so its fitting. Yeh i liked his character. Cool but growth. Really the jets and action is a star in this film. Its like a edge of your seat movie and they did it well. Just fun all around, little emotion little comedy little romance lots of action. i think thats a fair review. Mind you been like about a month since i seen it, so thats just the remnants of my memories.
Next other movie wanted to write a few words about was the Who framed roger rabbit. Ok that was awesome again for the 100th time. Not gonna write much about it, but this time i seen the making-of ad yeh alot more than i though went into that movie. And the Disney and Warner Bros in the same scenes, that was cool too revisit. Dark tones, All around awesome movie.
I watched Casino, that was cool, long ass movie. Not much to write about, I did see it this summer along with the making-of aswell, so learnt a bunch of things regarding the film and that history.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s; that was great. Its some of my friends and fam favorite film so i watched it for the first time. It was better than i expected. Just an interesting classic film. 60s were weird lol. What constitutes social things in the 60s and mannerism i find a little strange, or different from my era. But yea they sure got pissed up back then, I though it was a clever movie, funny sad, romantic, tossing that cat around. Things you dont see in movies nowadays. Nice ending lol. So im glad i checked that one out.
I think thats it. I have on the list to check out some Mel Brooks and revisit those cause as a kid wasnt that interesting for me, I did see young frankenstein in school. Space balls obvisouly. Sad to say those movies had a retro cringeyness, when you wanna watch starwars, you know spaceballs or parody wont do. I can appreciate it but never was the top choice for a feature for me. Its like replacing weird al record instead of the hit record you wanna listen to. That and some old 70s jams wasnt that appealing as kid compared to now. I guess thats all i can say about that. Cause i really do enjoy the stooges and that plan 9, So i think it would be good to revisit some Mel Brooks. All from Cinnemassacre tribute. So i think its worth the time. Otherwise always in search of off the beaten path films no one really talks about today. I like new shit, but i especially like finding new-to-me greatness. And, not to mention im not a super fan of netflix anyways. Keeps renewing and it barely holds my interest honestly. Although i keeep it incase i get in that binge mood and then its fun, but rare and few and far between.

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