Blazing Saddles ’74

Just watched this, it seems like for the first time. I remember it as a kid, but holy fuck that was good. James is right that movie is funnier than funny. Never thought a 70s movie could be so crude and comedic at the same time. I gotta say i really enjoyed that. I like westerns to begin with but that was something special. Seems i always watch something that wouyld be deemed offensive nowadays, like this movie langauge and stereotypes up to the the Stooges, but fuck that was a good movie. Thats definitely some buddy cop vibes going off there. All at culver city too. Yea im stoked that was funny and evocative, feel good movie, about the good guys winning and the slapstick in a western style. I feel really blessed to have watched a retro classic like that today. Cause that was some cinematic gold right there. I really liked the characters the Sheriff, the villains, the main villain, Mel himself, Mongo the brute, Lili von, the germanic parodies, the townspeople, the executioner, Gene Wilder, wow. The indians, the railway workes black and asian. The harsh stereotypes the language, it was like borderline offensive, but in a day now where nothing is sacred, i mean compare that to some south park its not even on the same level, yet being full frontal on the stereotypes is frowned upon nowadays, South park does it with more sublety. Im sure some people could never like this movie and could never debate such a topic, but for a crass individual as myslef that appreciates comedy and a good laugh, fuck that was epic. I bet the actors who worked on that were so proud of their movie , like james said it really breaks down that 4th wall. I didnt know you could do that in a movie ahahaha.
Even Lamar is like why am i asking you, you know i was just thinking with Quentin Tarantino homage to this very movie it seems with Django unchained. Django was definetly more of action thriller drama romance, then straight up slapstick comedy, But Yea i could see some similarities, with some german referencance, broomhilda and well on few days after emancipation day (Canada) it seems really fitting. What else can i say, wow its really nice to see Gene wilder in a movie again. Such a lovable character. The acting was spot on, dancing performances. The villains reminded me of the dirty pirates like in Treasure Island, you just really dont see movies like this nowadays. Maybe something like Scary movie, or a total parody flick, or some jokes youd see on Chapelle show, just not giving any fucks attitude. Im sure the studios were like what !? Which makes it just such a legendary movie. So definetly some pretty strong language making a point, and a product of its time, and sooner. I think its not only justified to show its offensiveness but it wouldnt pack the same punch if it didnt have those words or was censored. Yeh i just witnessed a anti-racist movie making fun of itself with some strong language. Its really no wonder everyone i know really adores this movie and is rated and one of the best comedy movies all time. And theres really nothing else like it. Its funnier than funny. Yeh the sheriff is cool and suave reminds me alot of Django. Plus the whole intent is on being fun. You dont see white people dressing up as the natives nowadays though thats pretty if not as taboo as the black face. When i look at some of the actual events happening in 74, watergate and vietnam people probably needed some comic relief. Mel Saw that and made a masterpiece lol. If i look at the Breakfast at tiffanys and the charicature of the landlord, its really some of those scenes that got away and like heard the fellow say theres not a day he wishes he couldnt go back and change it, it like though you put it down, and later realize it was a bad move. im not defending any of it, but as a whoel i can judge it to be fairly innocent and good humored. Hell the charicatures white western folks way worse , im not saying that makes it ok but i can have a laught at the bean eating farting dirty cowboys. What is the Kansas city joke anyways, reminds me of the old el paso salsa, this stuff made in new york city !? I guess now ill read some more opinions on the movie and check out the making of and learn little more, cause i mean lets be honest its 2022 and im checking out Blazzing Saddles for the first time. Im a little bit behind on this particular pop culture, but its new to me, and I greatly enjoyed that piece of work. Definetly got more Mel Brooks on my mind and im ready for a good cinematic laugh. So blessed i can check out this whole collection. Im really familiar with spaceballs, but yeh like i said, when youre in the mood for star wars,m you dont wanna watch spaceballs, same as when you wanna hear some michael jackson, Weird al yankovich wont do. Im not really trying to compare spaceballs to Blazing saddles. I wonder if John wayne liked that movie that would be some interesting trivia for me lol

___ new things after wathcing the behind the scenes.Hey Lamarr, Slim Pickens. Burton Gilliam he seems like a really nice dude after hearing his interviews.

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