The Producers ’67

Holy shit that was a crazy film lol.
I cant beleive thats rated PG that was completely wild.
Yeh im left blown away i didnt know you could make movies like that.
That was obscene offensive hilarious, artistic, creative, funny, dramatic, just a crazy picture lol.
Ok the sets, mix of grimey new york, mix of classy NYC , late 60s.
Characters, Max Bialystock just a wild faced actor lol, you dont see may leads like that nowadays, everyone nowadays looks perfect no wild comb-over like that, with frantic drooly looks. Zero Mostel, he was great. Thats a wild character. Leo Bloom the accountant. So happy to see Gene Wilder again, what a great actor. Passionate, funny, emotional, believable. The movie is just so fucking crazy only someone like Gene Wilder could play that character to its full potential. Ok the only other exposure i had to the Producers was in Curb your enthusiasm, Larry and David Schwimer from Ross Friends fame, then run a broadway of their own. Apperently theres a 2010 version too. So its a classic and many spin offs. I can see why Larry david liked the movie its completely insane. Its had a mocking of ww2 germany, not germany so much but the fuhrer caricature. Its was complewtely insane, i was watching some scenese and i was like wow, they put this in a movie. The author is a crackpot ex-german soldier with the helmet always on hes the author unsuspecting that they are making a mockery of his work, searching for the worst play. The plan backfires hilariously its a perfect storm. Ah man what can i say, its a cinematic masterpiece, i was not expecting that. I usually review shitty movies on the blog but this one was as wild as it was funny. This is more Mel Brooks im going in chronological order. I decided to skip the first first one for now, and maybe save it for last. The first one on the list is the “Critic” thats kinda what i do, i dunno i do it for fun and therapeutic not for a job. I dont think i could do this for a job, i enjoy having the personal entertainment database though. Yeh i like the Max’s office, i like the musical style. Broadway is such a crazy thing. Makes me think of 41 theatres. Makes me think of Andrew Carnegie, thats more of a concert hall not theatre. Anyways yeh i wonder if he woulda like this movie. lol. Ah man that just comical thinking of a 1900-1910 audience watching this shit from the 60s, thats hilarious. Something funny about completely running a farce on a unsuspecting overly classy people, i guess thats what makes the stooges so damned funny too. Ah man, and the Broadway audience are very prim and proper so seeing the cakes fly just makes ya bust a gut laughing. This review is all scattered im having difficulty writing my thousad words and keeping the paragraphs together. So yeh Mel brooks fairly offensive even funnier than funny. For a crass person like myself it completely blew me away how hilarious and off the wall this was. Its a insta classic for me. I liek how tormented of a characted Max is getting money from the old ladies, then the proper accountant learning to live for the first time. This movie is about being yourself, and friendship and sticking to the plan and the hilarities of life when things dont go right, or rather looking on the bright side of things. The difficult and crazy world of art. The characters in the world of art and theatre lol. Ok from the sexy secretary and dance you know things gonna get wild, then the crazy german writer, he really played his character well, a distraught ex soldier just completely psycho lol Gene and Max doing anything not to make him go-off his rocker, that was a funny dynamic. Then you got the director, the worst director mind you and his crazy looking assistant. He just wants to feed his ego and everyone to like him. He really fits the role of a strange eccentric feminine director. But also very crazy, like the director in the simpsons, when marge acts. Then you got all the rehearsal candidates. Very seinfeld and Kramer esque too. this was NY though not culver city so a little different than last time. To the play itself, and opening night. Oh wait the very 60s music guy and that performance and band was really neat. it was wayy off the wall and ridiculous but it was like a slice in time. 3 person band with some very hippy sounding music. Like flowers in your hair san fran style. Yeh the performance itself, its just shocking to watch lol, you cant believe its unfolding before you like that. Seems liek its a settled deal (they want the play to flop) till it turns around and becomes a characature, a beast out of control, yeh thats the funniest part your just watching this abomination unfurl, and its so shocking your like omg am i actually watching this, and yes and its still manages to be like a monty python skit on crack. I can make that correlation forsure. Lots of comedic material afetr the war, from stooges to monty python to this movie, I wonder if the incvlude the ww2 references in every adaptation, doesnt seem like you would need to but what do i know. Yeh to the ending lol, well their both in court, friends as ever. Max and Leo are really lovable characters. Anyways they get sentenced, and sure as shit theyre doing the exact same thing behind bars, which finished off the movie fantastically. All for the love of theatre, but money mostly. I just chuckle when i think of the gags in this. i really likeed how grimey some of the characters are, and just living in that office. He splashes the coffee in the window, hes like its so dark i cant tell if its night or day. lol I thought that was funny. Just a little off a detective noir set. You know phantom of the opera style. I dunno just a feel good movie and shocking at the same time. I gotta say really impressed with Gene Wilder, always in the best movies, rigbth on the razors edge and controversy. i havent seen anything else about the film so im gonna learn more now, liek the making of and other peoples synopsis, i just always like to write down my opinions, so im not tainted by the opinions of others. Of course i miss a bunch the first time but thats fine with me. It makes for a neat reveal. I never really liked the rotten tomatoes way of viewing films, it always has spoilers and shitty opinions that make me pre-judge the film before actually watching it. Of course theres spoilers in here, but the film is 55 yeasrs old and research and cinemassacre brought me here. But im not gonna go all read the synopsis and making off till i see the film myself. This being my literal first impressions. Anyways on to the next one. I gotta say i really liked that one maybe almost more than Blazing Saddles for different reasons. All i gotta say is Mel Brooks is a legend at making movies. Funnier than funny im really happy to have some exposure to these classics.
i found a 7 part mini series on the making of this movie on youtube im gonna watch.
Shut up im having a rhetorical conversation, fuck that was funny too. I just remembered.
The fact that max is based off a real character is pretty hilarious.
Just read about Zero Mostel, very much like death of a salesman. Kind of a sad story.
Thats funny Slick Rick performed at the Carnegie hall yesterday a little coincidence for the blog lol.

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