The Twelve Chairs ’70

Im on a streak. Mel Brooks it continues. Watched this one never heard anything about it before.
It was a good movie, i liked that story. Good writing. It reminds me of Mad Mad Mad Mad world, the riches after death. Chasing riches lol. Chasing those 12 chairs in a ridiculous fashion. The priest was absolutely hilarious. The old master passionate actor. The tall male lead, was great acting and entertaining to watch. Just a crazy adventure. Yeh its slapstick not nearly as crazy as ‘The Producers,’ but very enjoyable still. I like the early 70s style. The film was a grand affair, trains, and sets and people living in the past and horses a grand affair. Very good set actually costumes. Characters. I was wondering how that was gonna turn out. It was just a funny situation, so yeh its a little tamed back compared to the crazyness and raunchyness of what ive watched before from the Mel Brooks. It is funnier than funny. Mel Brook in the movie in a funny role, hes the past-day Quentin Tarantino, acting in his own movies. I guess the subject matter a little strange after the bolshevik revolution and touches on some of those issues. Pokes a little fun at it, itsa parody of the 20s. How the rich dude shown as so greedy, wants the rules to not apply to him. But with the partner he grows as a character lol. Throughout the movie hes so angry about his riches lol. Its almost comical. Nah its definetly comical. The parttner has mucha laisser fair attitude about the whole thing. A joie de vivre. Besides the hilarities of the priest i think my favorite scene is the one with the Dostoyevsky statue, and how the rich dude is too proud to beg, well he gets his lesson soon enough. I thought that was a good scene, i guess it maybe cemented their friendship too. Yeh shout outs to Frank Langella, no way he was partner with Whoppi Goldberg lol thats insane. Hes a great actor. I enjoyed watching him. He was funny. Ok the priest, Dom delouise was hilarious. These character born in the 30’s isnt really far off the setting of the film. Theater themes, a little bit of pinochio and circus and gypsy performers. I thought the food scenes were intersting. And, the ending too, ends up being a shared pot of gold lol, its just ridiculous. Yeh im not sure otherwise what the director ad playwright was even trying to show, just maybe the lighter side of chasing wealth and to what crazy ends people will go to for the pot of gold. One would let one die, the other gives his jacket and saves a man from drowning. That siberia scene was hilarious lol, the poor engineer and his wife have to deal with the priest that has lost all sensibility. Some funy religious jokes going on its comical. Otherwsie great movie. Wasnt sure what to expect but i appreciate the story telling and the denouement of the film. Those chairs getting thrashed its pretty funny. And the desperation after going trhu such lengths for the pot of gold lol. Not sure what else i can write about this for now. Gonna do a little more research and see what i can come up with.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85