Young Frankenstein ’74

Ok this movie was fucking awesome!!!
Took me a little while to finish the movie, I think 3 days just busy with school.
Fucking annoyed about something else too.
Just wanted to put a marker down for that i completed it.
Once again Gene Wilder out does himself what a great actor.
The movie was great, little long but very progressive.
Fave scenes, are the tap dance scene and the bride of frankenstein.
ill write more once im not so irritated, but i can say these Mel Brooks films are really bringing me alot of joy as a respite from school.

I was watching some making of” behind the scenes, and yeh apperently Columbia didnt want it. So as a fan of the Columbia im a little disapointed, missed a good chance. That only a couple negative things from Columbia so far, the Cypress hill , and this movie. I guess thats really a thing, studio not wanting to take a chance on the black and white or silly movies, i know the sentiment, justw wanna go with a tried and true formula, something popular in the day, but its clear you really get teh classics when the studio takes a chance. Also im sure equal amounts can backfire. Stupidity vs creativity. Just like being provacative for no other reason than to be contraversial is a stupid idea. Although if the subject matter is , and the director has experience. Yeh i duno, at the same time you can be provacative stupid and still have a theme that isnt just shock comedy, like the Skycorp its really like off the wall but i think its done well.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85