Silent Movie ’76

That was so damn funny lol.
That was cry laughing at certain points.
That was the funniest slapstick i seen since 3 stooges.
Just a hilarious fun movie.
Wow times have changed, cant make movies like that anymore.
I didnt know you could make movies like that, and im glad they did.
I havent seen a silent film since L’inferno, or Nosferatu.
That was an excellent movie wow I havent laughed so hard in a minute.
Thats a insta classic for me.
Love the characters the sets, the jokes, the cameos, the story, the action and car chases.
The slapstick humor.
Omg i cant believe, Burt Reynolds, James Caan, Liza Minelli holy shit thats Judy Garlands daughter i just learnt that.
Holy shit what a master piece, i didnt know the other actors, actresses excpet from the Mel Brooks movies.
I gotta say Mel Brooks makes some of the best movies ive ever seen.
From the black and white to the silent film slap stick, i wondered how he was gonna do it, but the delivery was perfect. Each film is its own creation wild an unique.
Gotta love the second chance studios, the greedy corporate shills, the star search, the character fall down, the loyal friends, the final chase and climax, the ending. Everything was fantastic, not so much stereotypes but epic clichees. i think its great he acted as himself in this. I love the side kicks, Marty Feldman, was hilarious, just a funny smiling face drooling over the honeys. Always doing something light mannered peverted lol. You couldnt do that nowadays but sexyness and courting was certainly different back then. Its back then for me the movie is 46 years old. I love seeing the Hollywood back in the day. Its an homage to the golden age. That corporate washroom shirt scene reminded me of some Stooges gags. Some more original jokes though, like the running through the park turning into a race, that was so random and funny lol. Oh yea got carried away; Dom Delouise hes so funny, i loved him in the twelve chairs, but this was over the top. Marty was the comedic relief partially, dom was the gags, rigth away hes liek pull over i need a blueberry pie. Always thinking with his stomach, but super loyal to Mel Funn. And, Marty always distracted by the girls, MelFunn had the drinking vice, although the him drinking scene was so comedic and light hearted everything really worked out, not like actual alcoholism which is so grime and nasty, this was a ‘broadway’ alcoholism. sid Ceasar never heard of hm he was a good chief for the film studio, the bad guys were good too. The first few jokes were a little strannge then the movie really got rolling.
I liek the delivery for the newspaper stands, was a repeating scene letting the audience know what was going on. Then Burt Reynolds and the tall guy suit, the steam roller and the shower scene was so funny and unexpected. I was impressed to see the famous A-list actor agreeing to be in the movie I guess just as himself. It was fun, he plays his famous self with massive ego and always checkin himself out in the mirror. Its a whole generation away. The stars of yesteryear. James Caan, that was a funny scene too with the trailer balancing. Oh yea Burt Reynolds i dont even know him except for old shows with him and the car and the hair, I couldnt even name a show or movie if i wanted to. Hes more commercials famous. Ill google after. James Caan I recocgnized just after Burt. Burt is arguably more recognizable than James Caan, but you see his trailer and name and yea i recognize James, for more serious movies wow lots of movies, Elf, Misery!! wow forgot about that one. No way Bridge too far wow that takes me back lol. Godfather, eraser, Dick Tracey, wow thats a impressive list. Those are just some of the films i recognize right away. Mickey Blue eyes, Sadly died last month Rest in Power, thanks for the good movies, really enjoyed that Mel Brooks one. I guess thats what life is gonna be watching all your childhood and stars or yesteryear slowly disapear. Heart problems at 82. Definetly a star. I didnt even hear that n the news so im just sorta discovering that now. Liza MNinneli, that knight in armor scene was hilarious. Just a simple thing like sitting down could be so funny, with the salad in the hair. The last star, wasnt sure who that was. Anne Bancroft. Never heard of her. Then after the chief in hospital, they call up the french mime scene, im not sure im familiar with him neither but that was pretty funny. French have a certain type of joke that can be done i guess completely different than English like Uk, its no doubt easy material to imitate like in Monty Python, but they make fun of themselves too so its quite hilarious.
What else could i possibly, say. Oh Yea Paul Newman, salad dressing thats the only reason i know of him, but apperently a race car action movie guy. Just faces you know cause no dialogue really. ANd, how can i forget the score to that movie, it was incredible, a little random, lots of good drumming silly drumming gongs, slide whistles, late 70s sound effects. Foley effects, dog fight. I was really wondering how are they gonna do this. Anyways really enjoyed that watched it all in one sitting. Dont wanna leave out Mels Girlfriend dancing was great and fun. Anne Bancroft dancing scene was also epic. Just overboard fancy hollywood with the cigarette sticks. the possee of young men, the Mexican clacker dance. Yeh all in all really well done. I freaking loved that actually. And a homage to the kings of slapstick. I wonder if the stooges woulda liked that, obviously. Its really amazing how you can stretch out the good parts, and essentially take away the sound and still make a coherant good movie really a good achievement. Although im sure the studios were like nah way.

Ann Bancroft, the gradute, havent seen that but i know a little about it. Um blazzing saddles i beleive, making of story. Dustin Hoffman. Ill check it. Dracula dead and loving it with the new columbia logo, gotta check that out, looks silly enough, No way GI jane. I seen that years ago.
Anne is a senator in that.. ANother movie with Dom Delouise Fatso, he musta been typecast with a title like that. No way she was in Antz, as the Queen ant lol. lol the shit i learn. Thats like all i recognize, but Some of these look good, treasure of Golden Condor ’53 Retless Breed Gorilla at large lol.
Pal Newman, in Carz, butch cassidy sundance kid, dont know much about him but I buy his salad dressing for years. Interesting, navy service and philantropist, racing, looks like a intersting dude. Such a strange role for him then with the broken leg wheelchair and asking to be in the movie with Mel Funn. Nice.
Bernadette peters, with steve martin films annie, musicals, The Jerk i actually seen that when i was a kid, strange. Ok so i guess i kinda know her a bit (from movies) Just didnt know. Liza Minnelli im sorry or ashamed i dont know too much about her. music star right, she seemed funny and nice in the dinner. She looks a little strange in later years, unique face with wide eyes, i mean recognizable. Toured with Frank sinatra wow. Yeh Music albums,. broadway impressive resume. Yeh i guess i just dont know all the stars from the 70s lol. Ill check it out, nothing like pop culture from 40+ years ago.

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