History of the World Part I ’81

Holy crap these movies are so epic, i cant get enough. These have been the biggest blessings to my life to watch these as and adult.
Ok first time seeing this film. This movie is super raunchy, borderline offensive. In other words more Mel Brooks film par for the course.
I think in particular this one was extra raunchy, beautiful women portrayed in this. Boy am i happy to see all the familiar stars from the mel brooks films in this. Dom DeLouise was extra greasy in the Emperor portrayal. I guess lets go thru the scenes. The Cavemen scenes. Ever since there was Artist theres been critic. Aint that the truth. That was a brilliant line. I found the cavemen scenes ok werent the greatest part of the film. Um it was a good intro to the film though, showing how primitive and monkey like humans are. Just reminds me a little of some Carl Sagan, monkey orgy and ‘seeking pleasure’ for lack of a ‘less offensive’ description. I read, shadows of ancient ancestors, that book changed my life. Well anyways it was pretty funny still, the 3000 Bc depictions and grubby cave men. What a wild time to be alive. When fire and search and gather techniques, Its really science that with the agriculture came the animal husbandry leading to more philosophy in a sense what im doing rigth now. Im somewhat educated, seek knowledge. Need a mix of both though really. I apprecate my farmer friends, and a mix of the academics too. The farming helps you stay grounded. The academics shows the wonders of the world. Even mixing the two, with farming technologies is pretty cool, there just some things that robotics and technology can never do. Such as the arts or philosophies in a sense.Yeh art might be questionable with the new Dall-E mini thats pretty cool but you aint seeing no AI making a mel brooks film with controversy comedy and pop culture. Yeh shout out to the dinosaur scene and the creation of music, those were some good light jokes. Ok Next scene, old testament and biblical roman times. The 15 commandments : the 10 commandments that was funnjy. It really takes another religion to mock christianity in a funny ass way. I know thats a little taboo but its true, im not a religious fanatic by any means but i can appreciate a good Jesus joke here and there lol. Yeh im willing to bet the Roman scenes were the most expensive and longest to produce. I really gotta say, this film employed some of the best painting visual effects ive seen in some times. You know star trek was pretty good at that, but this film really used it well. Ok right away i recognized Gregory Hines, from another movie i reviewed on the blog.
Queue up the sweet freedom song lol; https://youtu.be/yvXFGUWBMHY
It was running scared that kinda introduced me to Gregory Hines. Have i mentioned I love tap dancing and Water Ballet lol . I cant believe i just wrote that lol.
So anyways i was happy to see him there. The empress looked familiar, the Dom delouise was awesome, Mel Brooks is a great directoir and a great actor, it was fun to watch him lead in all the scenes.
The ending of the the roman and biblical times was the besty, between the horse race and new jobs to the last supper, wow i was liek wow theyre actually gonna do this scene, there was atleast 3 epic jokes in that scene. Just how Jesus is like an exclamation so it was a heavy chuckle play on words, the mel brooks is like all one bill or seperate, thats just so simple and funny, and finally the group portrait rates and everyone get on one side of the table. So they left on a high note. Um ok the Spanish Inquisition came next, that was just like a broadway dance scene with a water ballet, i couldnt believe it. It was good natured and also slightly silly, talking about a religious cleasing, thasts just showcasing i guiess what became of the Roman empire in a way, ill have to do more research. i know the new world was going on and gednocide for gold and new world riches. So even taking a negative subject matter and flipping into something no one expected, i can tell you that no one wqas expecting to see water ballet there with the nuns, that just so freaking comical its like what am i watching lol. Its just hilarious, nice set too. They dont make movies like that anymore dance number and tons of people on set i love it. OK what came next the french revolution, ok this one was super raunchy, borderline some softcore porn. Oh its definelty RATED R. Which is fine, i could imagine my mom being disgusted, or mildly amuse by it. The grandparents would probably be revolted lol, Actually nah my mom would be revolted im sure too. It has a bit of a trashy feel this movie. Its something i enjoy but prolly isnt for everyone. Yeh French revolution, It had some tones of rich vs poor actually the whole film did, but this one especially, and lots of raunchiness very sexualized and lots of cleavage and naughty things. Oh yea i forgot to mention Mr playboy made a cameo, discussing the ‘centerfold’ and yeh Funky town playing on a boombox, that was nice. Yeh i think thats all i gotta say about this movie, it was good, it was dancy raunchy, funny, good acting, shocking controversial, Kept the attention going. Its like a parody of itself, movies in general. If youre a movie buff youll get alot outta it like i am, just cause its so ridiculous. Yeh in the final scene mirical the horse comes to save em. Thats a good ending, Gregory Hines such a gem onscreen i cant help but smile. His smile is contagious. Yeh so overall great cats great / amazing sets, great scenes, its like a roman, epic, or a era scene piece done like 4x. Added in the dancing buts and couple heaping spoonfulls of ridiculousness. You got yourself a great movie lol.
Ah Sid Ceasar the chief from silent film.
Vestal fire thats interesting.
Ah lily von schtupp was the empress.

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