Prey movie ’22

Only watched this cause a couple friends worked on it. It was a cheezy low budet film that i think was doen really well, it was almost like reveneant, except Revenant was on crack extreme compared to this. I enejoyed the hunting and dark scenes, i enjoyed the female lead. I enjoyed the Alberta panoramas, and I enjoyed the tenson in this movie, had me cheering on. Itr was full of clichees and special effects. Although i doubt i could do any better. Ive heard like 85% good reviews. The bear scene and predator was probably my least favorite. Seeing Teepees and full on regelia for hunting and that was actually believable. i enjoyed that. They represented Alberta well forsure. Yeh its a neat concept, sci-fi in the fur trader days. Couple of my favorite things. Yeh im proud of what they did even though i cant call that movie my favorite was defiantly worth the time to watch it. Some throwbacks to the mud scene from original predator. I liked the female lead especially, good actress attractive and tough. Good at her job. Too bad didnt get a theatre release. But i defienlty enjoy the Alberta movies. You know Unforgiven that is no joke. Revenant unforgiven and Prey.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85