Spaceballs ’87

And now for the finally of Spaceballs.
Waited to end this and write a quick note about it. Had to do a stupid amount of physics today.
Wanted to save something fun for after when i was done the crap.
Well the crap is done, so here is the finale and my comments on the space balls.
First of all, love the 80’s fuck. Reminds me of being a kid so much.
Princess druidia shes hot and 80s ‘s out.
If you know the 90s when it was all about being exteme and gross, well some of it came from the 80s. Where it was rock and not give a fuck attitude. So yeh i find the aesthetic, it used to be cringe, but now im drawn to it. Someone like that was born in the 2000s i cant expect liking it.
Thats fine, its special to me.
Ok so Spaceballs i always made the comparison to, oh you wanna watch star wars so i never would settle for the weird al yankovich of michale jackson,but reall its incomparable.
You got Rick Moranis and John Candy its really a throw back to the good ol days. I guess in silent movie was same kinda thing except more 70s.
The jokes are on pint the women are 80s sexy, the special effects are pretty good. I just gotta say seeing John Candy on film again brings such a heart warming feeling back to the ol Clay. He was in Cool runnings. Home alone. Thankyou John Candy for your contributions to my nostlagia and entertainment. I never knew how much youd be missed, and at the same time very gratefull for what you did for my life. John Candy just the happy go lucky guy. Neverwould you see him upset or raise a fist at anyone, rather be a disarming type and make you smile instantly. Yeh i dunno im not sure how much i can write about space balls. i made some connections last nigth though to some epic movie tracks. First the dink march, was really colonel bogey march.

Shout out to Sony one of my favourite labels, this shits old but classic.
Oh yea and earlier to this was the desert march shout out to Lawrence of Arabia, i really got a kick outta that as an adult. So i see the Lawrence of Arabia as a kid, and it really left an impression on me. Just as a generally awesome movie. Just adventure, passion, emotional, military, duty etc. Its just a classic film. So its nice for Mel to take us back to the finer details of film wed never know myself liek im sorry i wasnt born in the 30s.

Yeh someone will hgave to remind me if i have some broken links cause ill never revisit this in the near future atleast.
Ok well spaceballs, they represent the gluttunous corporation types. First you see Michael Winslow, Id recognize him anywhere, i can just describe him as the beatboxer from police academy, but he was so much more he was a comedian, and a original beatboxer, so thats dope. And, Rick Moranis really kills it, as helmut, just the most nerdy villian. Everything in is just so stupid. This movie was kinda ruined for me by excessive cable tv play back in the day, but really im glad it was burnt into my brain cause as an adult its so damned funny. Yeh my favorite is the space ship jokes, like the bumper sticker, we bake for no one. The president and hist lustrous affairs, oh yea, omg those twins are pretty 80s sexy. Thats a bit odd for me to mention but i guess i dont really care. Theyd be older women forsure but dressed up on the big creeen and seeing em now, theyre like some retro playboy centerfolds. Cause you aint gonna see that hairstyle nowadays, or if you did people be making double looks and laughing so no self respecting woman gonna go through that. Ok costumes, great effort on costumes, set, more painted visual backgrounds as per history of the world. This movie also breaks the 4th wall to the extreme, they even open up a VHS of themselves.
Pizza the hut is nasty, the Shwarzt is some jewish over kill comedy. Um Yogurt, is some extreme face painting, i think ou can tell mel brooks on in knees to looks like a short person. The princess bitchy but thats what makies her special, barf is just lovable, its got a heavy metal aesthetic, some rock and grungy. I dunno its an aesthetic that is frowned upon these days, although it used to be super cool. Its like breakfast club to the extreme. Yeh i dunno special effects are hollywood top notch, although its a film tha doenst take itself seriously at all. But thats what makes it so unique . Anyways its funny who would dare to make fun of the legendary star wars, lol. well as a comment who needed to after episdoe 1-3, id be embarrassed if i was in that. Just like the growth period of special effects green screen, it looks so much better back in the day. Like yea i like some nice special effects, id say like godzilla the neon one, fuck that was some sick special effects, that movie kept on giving. But i like the winnebago cruising thru space and the tron effects. Its much better than some mediocre cgi from nowadays. Its like remember Greedo you could see the foam from his suit. Yep the droid dot matricx and barf even. Its just nasty looking costumes, and facepaint but it seems to be irreplicatable now. Sure just for comparison sake, you got the predator invisble effect, but thats just exploiding a photoshop technique whilst mel brook dressed as yogurt is a disgusting amount of cheap facepaint, it even looks bad, hes chewing some nasty green shit. yeh breaking down the 4th wall its such a silly thing but it makes for a really smart movie in a way, cause its not something you see everyday, also adds an amount of stupidity or sillyness you cant recover from but its done nicely in the mel brooks films, just makes you laugh out loud cause youre in shock basically. Alright well i got mut much else to say, im pleasantly surprised i liked revisiting this more than i thought. I always was like meh spaceballs, now im like yeh! spaceballs!
.omg its buddy from sex and the city mr big. wowzers lol
ok I got that wrong, you know i dont edit ever oops. I mistook Tony Griffin lol .. if someone critiques me on that ill burst out laughin, if i remember. Ok sick Dom deLouise is pizza the hutt. thas great i love seeing some old faces.
Caught the finally, the planet of the apes reference.
Catching some Space Quest 5 vibes too.
The angry priest and that ceremony lol.
Movie is awesome some of the best of the 80s right there.
So cool to see John Candy and Rick Moranis, i grew up with their films Michael winslow. Joan Rivers is Dot matrix, i just recognize her face. I know shes an actress.
Gonna have to get that soundtrack.
Nice Life stinks is next never seen or heard any of it.
Daphne Zuniga, the princess vespa, nice resume of fims, melrose place, just a wide list of films. Attractive. Sitcoms music videos, cartoons etc.

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