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Movie came to my attention after learning about ‘Marjorie White’ Canadian actress, Womans haters club ‘stooges first episode was her last performance. Died in a car crash. Pretty sad actually. Gotta watch this one for Marjorie! Well she was young beautiful, from Winnipeg. This movie , a 30’s sci fi take on the 80’s the future. Thats why i had to see it . Ill get back to Mel Brooks shortly.

Its a musical sci fi dont think ive seen one before lol.
Lol already this is bonkers. 5th ave and new york. No one had a name only a number, im sure thats the way some people in 2022 would like it har har. Lol Government tells you who to marry thats just silly. Ive heard of arranged marriage but arranged marriage from the government thats just hilarious and touching a little on eugenics.
Wow court is boring in the future. Walking on a plan is funny
This is just horrendous but awesome at the same time lol. Oh did i see Marjorie yet ? What did they do to taht dog, this is like 1984 on steroids. HAHAHA omg the Volstead act this is absolutely bonkers. I love seeing this though my eye are glued to the picture. Post ww1, but pre-ww2 id suggest this kinda crazy thinking bought on the war. That massive imperialism and just push it to the limits style. I love this interpretation of the USA though its quite comical, fascinating. Census lady is the best, just the type of lady that gets a pie in the face on the stooges. I like the song. This must be El Brendel never heard of him. Singing about old fashioned girls lol. Dont you know thats taboo in the 2022s lol. You certainly dont be talking no old fashioned, or e telling a woman what to do with her life, carreer women, stay at home dad, fluid gender lol. Lol then it shows some woman cooking or gyrating in the kitchen at a cocktail party, she looks more like a flapper party girl then a maid or a homekeeper. Im just; writing about this gonna haunt me. Im just a casual observer, Im a fan of Marjorie white so I wanted to learn more about her work. Nah shes shaking a Tall parisian cocktail shaker. Thats gotta be Marjorie, blonde, kiss her till she submits ahaha. SHes liek shaking him off then succumbs to ‘love’ . Omh this is absolutely crazy, now (brunette) rocking the baby carriage, smoking a cigarette reading a book entitled, Ex-Wife that is heavy chuckles. Ooh vaccination medical, bringing people back to life from death. Ok Marjorie love ur voice. Ok she demonstrates the new fashion its a day clothes followed by a reverse night dress. I mean yeh why not, flip your clothers halfway thru the going out sounds good to me. I like yuou just fine Marjorie <3 lol. Nice sci fi room. Wow this is pre-Frankenstein. by one year. Well fgrankenstein written in 1918 so it aint a bite. This is 1980 ahaha. lol. Lol theryre gonna daopt the 1930s man, great twist. What a motley crew, showing off some legs lol. This is a fun imaginatary movie. I love it. Lol Henry Ford Joke wow im old. lol food in a pill form thats a clichee. lol Prohibition. I guess was repelled in 1933. Should i even get into Prohibition debate on the blog? Didnt work in the 30s USA, some countries it works fine like Germany, public liquor, some places like Ontario and Northwest Territories liquor might as well be controlled like prohibition, other countries are completely dry and it works for them. I personally enjoy the dutch model, nothing is illegal, but society frowns upon it. Ive never met any dutch totally crazy about weed for example. Not unlike here when it was illegal. Now even i seem to think its gone down. Hmm interesting debate topic ill have to revisit that. AHAHA did not see that coming ; a baby vending machine ! lol oh that is outrageous even today lol. Maybe thad be good for adoptions lol. Give, me the good ole days. Hear Hear lol. Babes from the past lol playing piano, so strange to see. The hairstyles short and curly. What kinde of stairs are those lol. I love the drunk from the past hes just being all reckless and dgaf attitude. Love it love song interlude. aH LOVE Isnt it so natural just 2 singing faces cheek to cheek smiling in to the yonder lol. I could imagine people just randomly singing but thats a little cheezy. Uh oh cauht in a futuristic affair. Uh oh here comes the 30s drunk dude. Uh oh spaghettios! lol Marjorie is hilarious. Just a delight to watch on screen. Ah shit were going to MARS lol .. You go to MArs you get the girl lol. Rigth on Bravo!!! Lol Drunk guy going to MARS this is the most epic movie of all time. Going to MARS on a zeppelin lol. Thats heavy chuckles. ___ watching this shit compared to mel brooks; different planet. Its like is this shit real lol. Hardest to find any similarity between films. Hes a mega drunk. Heres Marjorie star of the film. Short n sassy. Marjorie steals the show she makes me so proud to be Canadian, a real vaudeville singer leading star add the sci fi. Im really impressed watching the bug scene thats great film viewed again on the blog. Hat song is ok not as good as the bug dance. Everything was very art deco classy back then . Its nice to look at also very dark in a way. post amd pre war give that sentiment for me. I find it fascinating. Holy shiet its the flash gordon rocket. Open the letter at 4 am ahahahahah thats so funny. Thats like really funny. In that art deco suite. Movie puts me in a weird future of flying mood, where anything is possible and ridiculous ideas are airborne. ___ Gravity neutralizer, forward thinking. Trip to Mars. Fascinating Mars interpretation. Its lush and has creatures. Nice martians lol. Kinda looks like somewhere Superman would live. Its very much like flash gordon. Eat and sleep, look out for monster. The costumes and dialect are comical, creative. Maybe weird like Valentine Michael smith ahaha. I wonder in Heinlein saw this movie. Lol Jokes and fascinating. Misunderstandings. Nice a music dance number lol. Marttians seem super chill. Not quite sure whats going on, lol must be the 'other' martians Mubu. Slave hoarders. Oh no our heros get captured. The mars queen gone possesed . Opposite land. Ok 2 tribes look the same but they fight. Nice mega set. Thats gotta be the biggest creature pre king kong. Another dance number. Very Hollywood studio esque. Cool Choreography. Buddy from the 30s is the comedic relief lol. Cool the statue moves. Lol the other twin big dude comes to the rescue. Its all up to the 30s guy plays a little like slapstick. Lol hes carrying dummies and they get away all cheezy like. Get to the space ship ! lol Ladder gags, The nice martians catch up with em. Eh theres Marjorie , the world in suspense. Lol she drags him to the tv screen. Suddenly they appear. Lol The girls get all giddy. Lol shes falsely accuses the dude in court of having her baby, A-6 its a delay. She gets a good monologue. Sorry K6. U2 lol. Our heroes arrive to the appeal. Lol, Marjorie is the best a natural star. Lol a joke to finish it off. They brought back the evil martian goon twin. Lol definetly a comedy. There was some good natured humour in that. ___ Cant believe that was pre flash gordon.

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