Life Stinks ’91

Good ol early 90s.
This is a year after home alone.
Stepn on the guys hand lol. More jokes. Rainforest references.

K watched some more Life stinks its ok., funny role to play no make up no support just be poor. Neat concept. See what he can do with no resources and see if ur really top dog when fronts and check wont do. guess you gotta start from the bottom aint that easy. And if you gonna burn bridges or keep ur word lol. Jeez Burbank looks shitty for 91. Never looked so bad as long as i seen it.
Just finished off the “Just Imagine” that was a good flick.
Early 90s grime. Pretty much found the shot that he took its on Wall street and 5th street east looking west. wow rough part of town theres still bunch of vagrants on the google eart. Right outside the LA garage and homeless shelter. Can pretty much get the exact shot.the beer sign is gone. The rosslyn loft and rosslyn hotel looking pretty run down these days lol. Thats a shame looks classical and retro. Build in 1914 -1923 ish. The annex. And heres Mel Brooks just a goofy looking guy to behin with with a destroyed suit. That was Amazing Tyler O’Neill Home run to take the lead in this Atlanta game. Winner takes the series. Regular scrooge story i bet he wakes up from this and all lets be nice to poor. LOL lkiquor on the stew thats hilarious. Lol anotehr mel brooks motley crew. That spanish speaking actor he looks familiar i swear is that Papi from seinfeld ? Poppie, Rene Santoni. Nope its Frank Roman i think. Oops my bad. Are ya happy or married. Molly is batshit crazy great acting. the 2 villains lol. Aw thats sad she gets all her ‘junk’ burned down. Lol Mel brooks is the weakest link. Thats a good line. Enter the real villain. The real GTA san andreas. There goes the neighborhood. Thye coulda moved over just a foot lol. Some ghetto terminator scenes.
The Regent, Mel really taking around the 1910’s LA. Probably nmore i wouldnt know but i can recognize some historic places is interesting to me. Somne neat 1920’s Vaudeville history.
More terminator 2. lol eww, Mel Brooks is great at making raunchy films lol. Nothing like some loyals betrayals. Nice a dance number. Its the grimey broadway lol. Les Miserables with all the clichees. Happy moment in the film. And, funny. Lol 50 layers of clothes. HahaHa. Atill a funny way of making a hard scene running around getting the collectables. Evil lawyers. How is he gonna get outta this one. Stooges shout out. Ah thats a hilarious gag; jumps outta the ambulance lol. This is a scene. Ok off to the psych ward. Yo my wheelchair. This hospital lol. LOL. Good speech by Molly. Gotta love it gentrification, good ol american know how lol. This film is bizzare but also classic. Lol Stooges style dancing with the rich people,. food fight i love it. The other richest guy. The lawyer-off. Toothpick hat scene. This is very stooges. Lol the legless dude. HAHAH, this is outrageous best scene. Oh wasnt expecting this a monster off with the heavy equipment. Wasnt expecting that ending. Definetly not Poppie. Nice marries Molly Alls well that ends well and yes its good to be alive and life is grand. Just a bunch of moments and most of them are dull but sometimes you steal a great one. To paraphrase the film. That was great. Love that movie. Some real character development. Comedy romance, broadway. Vaudeville. Revenge. Im glad i watched that.
Brooksfilm thats like Lucasfilm in a way. Made some Mistakes about the burbanks scenes. This was all pretty much LA, Culver. Teddy Wilson, Lesley Ann Warren Rudy De Luca that was good. 22% on Rotten Tomatoes thats hilarious, was much better than that. This guy gave it 0/5 and didnt even write anything like cmon. 91 From someone that thinks will smith is a fine actor lol. meh thats why i dont read reviews without fist seeing the film. Not sure how you can review a movie in one sentence but sure.

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