Robin Hood Men in Tights ’93

Allright partially watched this gotta finish it off. Oh i seen this as a kid but its been since that long. Im impressed to see Richard Lewis, and Dave Chapelle. Movie starts off at the end of the crusades, Robin Hood captured, Oh yea Isaac Hayes is in this pretty old school. Im almost at the end of the Mel Brooks films. I got another one to watch its, “Top Secret” Looks like the early hotshots, starring Val Kilmer, just looks ridiculous completely my style. Anyways the Robin hood movie so far its funny not much else to say. I like Robin Hood the story, disney and classic, and parody. What strikes me is these neat scenes with lots of people and action. They dont make movies like that anymore. Not with the whole village on set.
Meeting little john and crossing the missisipi, thats a funny scene. Just completely ridiculous. Everyone knows little jon. Straight up comedy. Catch more flys with honey than rudeness. Love the cast in this. So funny, and jovial. Chappelle slapping hands. White man cant jump wow tthats a throwback to the 90s lmao. That movie was so popular back in the day. .. Club for horses thats hilarious. Nice costumes and sets. Gotta love the disney robin hood. Robin hood is awesome hero of the people robs from the rich and gives to the poor. And, this movie just makes it hilarious
Richard lewis plays a good king. Every scene is just so comical its not doubt this is a classic. Movie just makes me happy. Id love to see a Bravehart spoof william wallace done in this fashion thatd be great. Exit sign ahahah. Thats classic. Voice impressions of Churchill ahaha. Is that Malcom X now wow. Looks right at the camera 52 min. Hehe that witch and the sheriff is just the funniest romance. Lol Mel brooks comes out riding a wagon ahaha. Ah sweet its Dom Delouise, hes such a good actor, here hes portraying the godfather. Nothing is off limits in this 90s spoof. Its an amazing cast. Patrick stewart in this. Dom Delouise fave character in this so far, besides the Robin hood. Lol just a savage character lol. Outstanding. hahaha the Clap on lights thats so 90s. Love seeing horses in movies. Aslong as they werent hurt. Dangerous profession for the horses. Something you dont see too often anymore. Musical number thats nice lol. Some comedic relief. This movie is the absolute best. Robin is suave lol. Theres a good laugh every 2 mins or less ahaha funnier than funny.
Now the conclusion.
Tim allen hoots in the archery contest thats good pop culture. 4th wall reading the script in the film, i love it. Now the crowd and the Atlanta braves chop thats hilarious. Im loving it. Patriot missile arrow wow. Its buddy from space ball the princess dad. I love the sheriff and the Maid Marien interactions the Sheriff is the perfect villain hes so cheezy and maid mairien is so funny. Great characters, hes the perfect creep villain and shes hilarious. ultimate star is Robin hood, dave Chappele and the King. then the sheriff, blind guy and witch. This movie is just simply the shit, its pretty much a perfect movie. Perfect action, comedy slapstick, romance, fantasy. The dude with a bagel on set very simpsons esque. Just mocks showbiz a bit. Life savers, omg thats a riot. The witch is a great character. Oh yes Mel Brooks. Mel Brooks is just the epitomy of hilarious. Omg Patrick Stewart what a wonderful ending. Im so happy to see him in this. Its a good surprise. i never thought id see a scene with Patrick Stewart and Richard Lewis thats gold. Its a line from a previous movie. Gotta love Mel Brooks some of the bets movies ever made. Aw and he gets the girl. Shout out to Blazing Saddles this movie almost as good as blazzing saddles. Fantastic.
Fuckin love this movie, that was 10/10 I wish they still made movies like this. Mel Brooks is a legend. Did such a tribute to an old story. Its hilarious but equally awesome. Epic 90s fest. Just great cast hilarious acting, good crowd and fight sequences. Good cameos, good jokes. Good music. Thats probably one of the best comedies ever reviewed on the blog. I bet everyonbe that was in this film or worked on it is just super pleased with the results. Good special effects, and limited. I freaking love this movie. Well done. ! Bravo. I only wish there was more, im sad its done.

Oh again Rotten tomatoes is the freakin worst 41% please.
Look at these dreadful critic reviews couldnt even write a sentence. I hope i never become that lame lol.
That movie was awesome. In many cases, trust the audience score more than some washed up critic lol.
rotten tomatoes is probably hands down the worst thing to happen to movies since the internet. Im not even kidding and these washed up critics, wow “YOU” stink. Its not every critic, but certainly most.

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