Dracula Dead and Loving It ’95

Ok here we go, I already hear negative reviews, but cmon Leslie Nielsen!
Last movie he was in I reviews was Creepshow, fuck that was good.
Nice Castle rock isnt that the seinfeld company.
Yasbeck Maid Marian.
Dom delouise with the first good joke freakin love him.
I dont see how anyone could find this stupid i think its freakin hilarious im less than 10 minutes in. I mean look at the cover what do you expect. Sorry im just pissed at Rotten Tomatoes for ruining movies for me for years. Rotten Tomatoes can get lost. I dont subscribe to that rag, even though its Search Engine Optomized. Nice looks super similar to young frankenstein Sorry firsat look at Leslie he looks absolutely comical. Im so happy to see him on film again. LOl, as a fan of slapstick that hits me right in the sweet spot. Its very simpson esque in a joke, good or bad, evey few mins at least. Thats what I like, thats good writing to me. Not evey movie is supposed to be a psychological mindfuck. Sometimes its nice to just have fun. Draculas bitches are hot damn! Its a cool effect how the just glide on the floor. But damn sexy. Lol Ok Leslie just does it for it. His Comedic style is so subtle and funny. The dialogue kills me lol. Its every clichee not going the way you predict, its pretty genius. And, also stupid at the same time. Omg the lawyer is in ghostbusters 2. Hes the painting slave. Getting some Nosferatu vibes here. Getting some ghostbusters 2 vibes, amazing. Faust play. Isnt that were he gets all sexual and fornicates with a hankerchief and the crowd was all outraged lol. I know Faust lol. Im prety sure thats it, i reserve i could be mistaken. Nice Maid Mairian happy to see her again. Har Har Leslie with a epic imitation joke, im justy a crude person cause that makes me laugh out loud. So stupid yet so effective, how he shakes his head like that. Wide mouthed in shock thats freaking funny. Some beautiful women in this film so far forsure. Like never seen a dracula prowling that just takes so many liberty with slow jokes
.. These little english jokes are quite funny. Like laught out loud awkard funnies. Victoria era modern jokes cant beat em.
Ooh boy just thinking about this film makes me crack up. Nothing like Full metal Jacket that shit is traumatizing lol. Private pile and leslie nielsen in their new hit drama / comedy lol. Yes Mel Brooks is Van helsing. I love seeing him in his own movies. lol. ew being a doctore is disgusting. Lol Dracula in the day in the park what a oxymoron. Ahaha thats a great joke. Dracula with daymares, thats so clever. After the Mel Brooks Marathon seeing him on film just brings joy to my heart. Use the schwartz!.. Nosferatu shout out to the old ass movie I seen that on the blog amost years ago. Creepy movie. Lol Leslie Nielsen, so good in this movie, thats the scene they used in the trailer. I actually remember seeing the trailer for this. 6x Enemas lol. Nice Bromhilde introduces count dracula, its cool how some actors get used again. Im all for a new face, but i love seeing familiars too. Mel Brooks and Leslie thats just hilarious. good chemistry.
Damn Lucy turns out to be a sexy vampire lol. Compared to the son of frankenstein its like all new and it loks like a retro van helsing. Oh i should put that on the list. Im not un-engaged lol. Wow she was on Coronation street. Shes attractive her eyes, attractive star from the 80s lol. I got a thing for the sultress english actresses lol. Fun times acting in a horror movie. Shout out to the orignial screaming beauties. Fay wray. Love how so many top star hollywood actresses Canadian. <3. Omg Lucy really gets it, and omg is that teh funniest scene in the movie yet. That is just so unexpected and funny and clichee that its perfect. poor fiancee dude but thats freaking hilarious. So what do you do with a funny joke rinse it twice hell ya. a 3rd time.. 3rd time ?? Bromhilde. You are in the closet.. HAhaha lol. its so stupid slapstick i love it. Nah anyone you doesnt liek this movie i dont wanna be friends with. you you have no sense of humor, people that take themselves too seriously. I love the holywood clichee slapstick jokes,sure its low hanging fruit, but what comedy isnt. Id suggest if your a fan of movies for years, and not expecting something serious its for you. Its like Austin powers. Its like stooges this movie has bad reviews but i almost think its one of my faves. It gives me what I want. Plus im already super biased cause I love Mel brooks. ___ Conclusion Dracula dead and loving it ahahaha. Just seeing Leslie Nielsen makes me laugh lol. This movie is ridiculous. love the sets still typical Mel Brooks overdone. Candels cobwebs steam. Dance number. Shadow tricks is a new one, he has used the shadows though. Oh no the fiancee got it. Lol british english cheekyness. Its so comical, victorian era. Classic Dracula vampire clichees. mirror, garlic, books, crosses. Poor renfield lol. Hes the pawn in ghostbusters, Ok it is him His name is Peter MacNicol wow addam family values, wow. Ally mcbeal wooow. Nah i like him . Hes a dedicated actor with nice resume, takes a good actor to play those cringey villain types. spastic frantic dirty at times lol.Love those moon shots from the 90s..Composition shots, that make scenery look surreal. Its funny Mel Brooks with the casual german character lol. Leslie Nielsen is a good villain., LOL he just stooges him like Moe. thats so funny homage to the stooges always. Another clichee marriage, sunbeams. Grill marks thats new. Mel Brooks with last word. Freaking loved that movie. I woulda been stoked to see that in theatres. Its not his worst movie. Maybe the Rich guy poor guy isnt the greatest. Its still good. I cant hate on it. I actually enjoyed that no doubt. Ok now time to indulge is some shitty critic reviews on the rotten tomatoes that I hate. Rotten tomatoes 11% that is just un-just. Rubbish says one guy.. 1/5 no comments. 2/5 no comments. 1/5 no comments. Cmon you call yourselves critics. yawn, i critique your critique 0/10 Audience reviews, many sentecnes, decent scores, pros and cons. Its like the critics review as many as possible with no content guess what critics you all suck. This movie atleats a 2-3/5 And i particularly enjoyed that. Id say 4/5 of these critic reviews are absolutely pathetic, and 1/5 are intellectually composed with atleast a 10 min effort. The rest trash. i should donate my time to the void and correct these critics lol ne by one wouldnt that be funny. Bruh I had no issues writing a little 1200 word clay reacts text. And i personally enjoyed every minute of it. Who cares if im a fan of cheesy movies, i dont need fake trauma to give me fake sense of feelings.

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