Full Metal Jacket ’87

Theres a reason this movie is Rated R movie hardcore as fuck.
Its almost traumatizing in a comedic kind of way.
I havent seen this in years and popped up on my feed. Am i a fan, of course but doesnt mean it makes me comfortable watching it.
Stanley Kubrick is a legend and coming off some mel brooks its juts dramatic and metal as fuck.
Its like i feel like a horrible person at chuckling at a few of these things.
Its really primal, army, sorry marines. Its just a coming of age, war, some light comedy, vulgar.
its on killing war and enemy.
Stanl;ey makes a good movie its almost as hardcore as the first day i seen it.
Re: the private Pyle character, and Joker.
Joker is smart, and witty, he gets busted a couple times. The Drill Sergeant almost respects that.
Pyle is the massive fuck up that gets ostracized. Hes really one of the better actors going through that role.
The drill instructor, makes joker the thinker apply his methods to pyle which is ironic to be a automaton you need to think.
Pyle somehow break through which woulda made Joker happy, but Pyle has a existential (crisis within sucess) and suicides.
Its just a mind fuck, and the theme of vietnam, and that drill hall. Just makes for a bit of a nightmare.
theres some lose comedy, its a army classic, but the shits still fucked up.
I dont envy those young guys and that period of history in no way.
Its shocking but its good film.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85