Producers 2005

No way Uma Therman, Broderick , from Buelers day off. Whose Nathan Lane. Birdcage lion king mousehunt. Hes the Meerkat off Lion King, impressive. I wonder why Robin william and Mel brooks never worked together. Oh wow 2 Horu run time. Love that Columbia. Columbia universal.
Ok theyre keeping it vintage, i like it.
Spring time plays. lol. Thats the craziest shit. Musical i like it. Usher babes, really always attractive women in these. Like total babes. Love the vibe of the musical. You dont get that anymore. Im not a fan of certain musicals, but the broadway style im very much into. Hmm never took myself for a broadway style fan. Thats interesting. Im buying all these dvds. wow makes me sad this is the last on the list for Mel Brooks. Thanks you for this epic entertainment. Im treasuring this for life. Wish i had it sooner. I love film and i love comedy, Im so happy to see a reemake of these characters.
Why you miserable cowardly little wretched catterpillar. Max Bialystock is such an epic character. Just larger than life. Nah way the original critic, thats epic. Jon Lovitz. Hes a epic comedian. I can tell Mel Brooks wanted to go a little more overboard on some dance numbers and effects, i mean for heavens sake its 38 yrs elder than the original. 55 years total. That dance song duo number is soemthing else they couldnt do in the first. This is probably how he imagined it. And really respect to a nice sequel done with new characters, Producers has become a broadway staple. To be a writer creative and story telling its really something. That set. Makes me wanna be a producer lol. Lovitz perfect. Vegas vs New york showbiz, little differences. That transformation and writing joke im mcloving it. I cant wait to see the NEW dance number. More stooges . OFMG is that Will Ferrell, OMG thats Will Ferrell unfucking believable. Actually that casting choice is superb. The first guy was nutz, but this is perfect. Omg the theatre greek guy.Voutsinas. he looks eerily similar. empire state building dress, im dying! Very Art deco. Chrysler building sorry.
Meeting the director. And team super funny. Leo is so funny. Gotta love Gene Wilder though. Like how they did the fountain scene that was good. Quite the funy cast. Its such a farce but its serious lol. YMCA that wasnt around in 1959 lol. 78..
Uma ! Shes so beautiful lol. On that couch under 85 lmao. Shes taller than both of em. I love uma but the original Ulla is pretty hard to beat. And her dance, nah but Uma suits the role, cant hate on that singing dance number. This movie just fun all around. lol. PG – 13. I love Max Bialystock Uma hyper sexualized its funny. Its a erection or Malaria lol. Max Bialystock and his hair he just kills me. This walker dance thats hilarious. Nice choreography. Its a great moment they raised the money. Lmao Ulla painted the room white. Actually i take it back theyre both equally awesome. Fun to see Uma dance and act all sexy making Bloom lose it lol. It is more of a musical dance this one. The sets transform with big bangs and broadway ligthing. Lol the synchronized swim number lol. Love theatre. Audition .. Will Ferrell Will Ferrell Dancing number these actors really bringing their A game. Its no joke sing dance act. Its the best of film theatre. Not just face zoom in and special effects. Max Bialystock wearing a cape. Its probably Draculas cape. Overture. The crowds faces lol. Gaspin faces lol. Love tap dancing and comedy mix. This out of context would be pretty extreme. Omg this is so overkill. Never seen a play like this ahaha straight up mockery. They did the top down scene. Ballerina tanks im cry laughin lol. Oh Uma Mel Brooks youre the best. Lol the critics love it. perfect. Chaos ensues. Will Ferrell double chaos insanity.
Twist on this ending. Leo thats funny. Nathan Lane hes great. The whole play in a minute thats funny.
Nice finale. Brings all the characters back in a fun dance piece.
That was one of the best movies ever reviewed on the blog. Really enjoyed that. Bit long but totally worth it. Nathan Lane Awesome. Broedrick Awesome, Uma awesome, Will awesome. Gary Beach awesome hilarious, Rogeer bart, old ladies, Judge criminal. Lovitz Mel Brooks. Dancing singing songs, number, sets, costumes. This the ultimate broadway show movie.
Nice credit roll and ending.
No way was supposed to be nicole kidman,
All songs written by Mel Brooks.

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