High Anxiety ’77

Missed a couple on my Mel Brooks list. High Anxiety. Im glad a missed a couple cause was kinda sad when i came to the end of the list. Got a bunch of movies on the list but wanted to do this one for Mel Brooks and James Cinemassacre. Just my late night ambitions of being a movie critic ‘free thinker’ although i take recomendations these ones are at the top. Even recommended these to my mom.
Nice love the oldschool feel to this already.
Always hated 70s shit when growing up now im more accustomed to it and enjoy it more.
Love the font.
Love the LA airport 70s I was there like 8 years ago.
lol Mel Brooks with the first good joke.
Thats liek me flying.
70s aesthetic is so cringe, like horrid colors and everything.
Lol cia homosexual joke gotta love it.
NAh this is classic Mel Brooks he makes good movies and crude ones.
Savage in the first 5 mins.
Really love that font.
Just classic LA airport, looks alot better back then doesnt it.
Orchestra on a bus lol.
This movie stupid af.
Ah nice scene painting effect missed that.
Its a hitchock parody.
Ah yea i remember him.
Hes villain on Blazzing saddles, Harvey Korman, found him.
Haha nurse ratchet.
Love the effects in this lol over acting.
Kinda mocks the germans in a light way.
77-45 = 32 years still comedic relief.
Poor regular german people having to deal with the trauma maybe a sligth majority inflicted. I met many germans, very intellectual wise hard working people. And with sense of humor. Cant judge a book by its cover. Nah i like the Germans i met. But i guess after gaffes like that your subject of the worlds ridicule for 50+ years man. Judged byut he actions of a few, not the end result. Metaphor. Cause germans sure got their asses kicked end of WW2, have you seen that footage stalingrad, and the fall of Berlin. Pretty horrific, anyways i digress, and not to make any simplicities with the holocaust neither takes a good sense of humour to see the humour. I could see this already being offensive to many. Although not my time period not my trauma. Man if you cant take a joke after slaughter like that. Cant spell slaughter without laughter. lol. I digress #2.
This making just a mockery of the alfed hitchcock types. And Alfred im sure he was down. He probably had a good laugh along with Lucas and all the others he crossed paths with. Lol 4th wall camera breaks thru glass, excellent. I already freakin love this movie. No one makes movies like this. The studio is probably like wtf no! This goes against everything we believe in as a studio.
That nurse is so haggard and scary.
Id be like youre trying to heal me, yo . You need to go on maury for a life and body makeover. Just the scariest nurse you ever seen. Lol good acting though cause thats wretched. I love the just brazen mocking of mental health in this. Cause i guess once your in the institution your done like dinner. Reminds me of the river view hospital i bet the patient recovery was nil there too. Well better in a big house than on the street right. If you cant prove your not insane, then toughluck. Insanse asylum is such a dark setting, damned if you do damned if you dont. Just praise the lord im not in that horrific situation . I seen those places. Some people have mental trauma , say feed em fruit cups and let em play board games. One flew over the cuckoos nest. At a point you must start just to pretend, while sycophants have their way with you.
Lol ok nurse just became my favorite character well done.
San fran lol, you should see what they done to the place.
Who brushes his teeth like that lol.
Running joke heheh.
Lol nurse is the best.
Omg shes a kink police officer sex freak lol.
And the villain from Blazzing.
This is the person treating mental patients is a complete mental freak herself the irony.
Love it 70s office decor.
Doctor mocking you, savage.
Lol this scene. Im dying this is so freaking funny. Lol its just low hanging fruit against mental patients.
Its hilarious though.
I feel slightly guilty for laughing at that, its all in comedy though.
Just a comics pardise really I can see why he made this.
Lol Mel Brooks fighting the old man omg.

Lmao its sick but i love the mockery of the mental health jokes just cause im such a sadist lmao.
It this scenario its a such a joke. It really mocks psychology and the metal hospital scenario.
By putting in excessive disgusting characters you cant help but laugh at. Its like the Necro Schizophrenia video, shocking and brutal, also comedic. Its really taboo and off limits now a days.
So i expect nothing less than Mel Brooks make a farce of something so claimed serious. Its borderline offensive im telling you but i cant look away and i love it.
Bruh any doctor like this try an acess me i will ruin ur fuckin day, meawhile theyre dressing like women getting spanked behind closed doors its really obscene. Cant help but have a chuckle its meant in good fun. Kinda reminds me of Sarah Conor in Terminator 2, when the dude licks her face.. Just all sorts of fucked up.
Omg i used to have pyjamas like that, creepy lol.
This just fuckin ridiculous ! lol.
Nice transition, amazing, prolly gotta credit the Alfred for that. Lol car scene epic. Pfft so cheezy unreal. How do they get away with that. Lol little hudden punchline.
Yo Love the Golden Gate.
Im not an Alfred connaiseur so.
Well you know energy potential is much higher the higher you get lol.
Lol this dude.
Mel Brooks shower scene if ur interested.
Omg paper stabbing scene a la bates motel thats ruthless lol.
IMO funniest scene in the movie so far lol.
Thats incredibly ruthless 70s style.
Glad i saved this one for last, cause its just the best of Brooks.
Whose this new character.
Recognize her.
Madeline Kahn, shes lilly von shtupp she was great in Blazing, woowwww.
Love the repeated use of characters no joke. Really wonderful.
Shes beautiful lmao, pistol lighter.
New character the killer I presume. Ahahaha the psychologust hall of fame.
Very fear and loathing esque.
Hahaha punchlines for days!
Just burst out laughing.
Thats a knee slapper. Wowzers.
I didnt know you could make movies like this.
Lol. Double lol.
Nice music piece, love this about the Mel Brooks flicks, hes very film and music orientated.
Lol more plot, the under the tea table scene. Thats kinda funny, dont see that in movies. Very Mission impossible esque.
Payphones lol payphones to make your shady phone calls. The birds lol. I seen that movie years ago. Just a parody of that lol. LOol what was the point of that scene. And that mathcing costume cadillac, Louis Vutton.
Madeline Kahn shes hilarious.
Villains are hilarious.
A beeper.
Jewish jokes lol.
Snap-e tom eww. How to get through airport security in 77 ahaha.
Proffesor hilarious.
They gonna do the falling down the clocktower scene. Lol This finale is epic. Jokes and tension perfectly mixed.
Stooges joke.
Ive seen the pulley hook fly so many times now.
Nice transition.
4th wall destruction its great, love the backdrops. Thats what uyou dont get with CGI. Granted the CGI backdrops are epic but they dont have the same feel or aesthetic.
Movie was good for mid-late 70s.
Mel Brooks was in Battle of the Bulge holy shit.
These Al Jolson dance moves lol. Thats some harcore blackface though yipes..
New faces and the critic.

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