Baseball 2022

Did great on the sports betting, Up 140 above the deposit.
got a 10 game parlay couple months ago was a good win.
Cards won the NL central championship. But wasnt enough to take em through the wild card game.
Vs Phillies that was a tough couple game to watch.
Mets and Padres tonight in a couple hours for the last of the wild card.
Then next round as follows.
Got the Guardians Vs The Yankees. Id be surprised if Yankees didnt win. They dominated in the regular season. Well still 4th in the top 99w 63l Guardians have a chance though.
Got Seattle beat the Jays in Wildcard Advancing to face the Astros. Seattle 90wins/72 losses to face the Astros, 106w 56L Astros prolly take it with those numbers.
Phillies beat the cards in the wildcard 2-0 was a tough couple games to watch, there were some highlights. Seen a couple Grand Slams. Was fun to watch Tyler O’neil win a couple games. He was a little inconsistent compared to last year. Still a fan. I remember he won a couple games, one hit by pitch that was funny. Phillies going in to face the Braves, that should be a interesting series.
Phillies the definite underdog 87 wins, 75 losses. We’ll see how Atlanta plays. Im excited to watch that series forsure.
Finally the winner between the Mets Padres goes off to face LAD best team in the league this year.
Also shoutout to Wainwright, Yadier Molina, Albert Pujols with a record carreer, sad to see him go. Almost tied Babe Ruth in #of seasons Homerun totals. Beat Babe ruth in all time RBI’s. Waino and Yadier Molina beat the most carreer starts together I think at 35 total, a record that wont be beat. Pretty sure it was Dejong and Donovan Grandslams, could be wrong. Hard to remember unless you keep score on each game.
Heres hopin one of the wildcard teams beats the top 4.

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