New Faces ’54

Movie is pretty cool, just finishing off more Mel Brooks I havent seen.
Not much I can say about this that isnt original.
I like the happy go-luckyness of it.
The innocence or illusion of the 50s.
Women dressed sexy and nice.
Men maybe but less so. Just a suit jacket is all you need.
In this film long ponytails, long skits, short tops.
I like the sets, its like Broadway but more extreme.
Ive been introduce to Eartha Kitt for the first time.
I like the dancing, singing. There was that neat scene with the jawbreakers.
It was like an illusion scene, not sure how they did that.
Its like what i would call a stage musical, they have the musical dance portions on stage, but also some theatrical behind the scenes with sets.
Really the definition of 50s flicks.
I wonder if theyrell be a water ballet.
Otherwise that happy go lucky guy just watching the perfomance, the plot is a bit difficult to stay totally attached to but the Earth Kitt song singing in french and other performances are pretty cool. Love wild tap dancing. Full on production.
Red head blonde musta been the inspiration for Jessica Rabbit same hair and shape.
Buddy and his book and some heavy vernacular.
The two old ladies singing over a teapot set.
Too rich and beautiful for true love lol.
Musta been fun with sets back then. Simple yet detailed and to the point.
Dance is such a interesting form of expression. Paired with music and costumes. Couples.
Something sexy about 50’s aesthetic, pointy bras lol.
Its nice with some french some songs, just hear Alouette havent heard that in years. Some great singing by this cast.
Eartha Kitt shes the star of this film forsure. amazing rendition of Santa baby.
Thats pretty cool to see.
Just that rendition makes me love this flick. Just non stop performances.
Wow pop culture. Mentions crowning of Elizabeth II , 1953.
Waltzing in venice, its not my favorite lol, ugly colors and song is ok its kinda cringe to be honest ahaha. I can respect it though. Ok the joke made it worth it.
Those look like star trek outfits lmao.
I like the dance number.
4 styles of dance atleast no lyrics pretty good.
Lol trip of the month; hes all crippled.
Little racist bit about Africa, isnt as bad as ive seen on the blog, was more of a small comedy bit.
Turkey bit was cool mezmorizing.
Aw in love with teacher thats funny.
Wasted on baseball lol the metaphor for my life ahaha.
Baseball better than pick pocketing ahaha.
This is the Willy lowman of film. Dont whistle in the elevator. only 10 years old when this came out, amazing.
ITs humourous and dark and exagerated. Its some wild acting though for theatre film.
This scene is crazy. very death of a salesman esque a parody though.
Ah ruthless, that was a good scene. Just alot of flailing and emotion.
Wow obscene for the 50s lol.
Im mclovin it though.
Ive never seen a movie like this before.
Earth Kitt is awesome.
Sings in french and english and more. She made the presidents wife Mrs. Johnson Cry lmao. Woulda paid 100$ to see that.
Bagheera voice wow.
Nah i love her.
I recognize that singing from jungle book neat.
Lmao i knew it Arthur Miller came to a show, he gort parodied, but like other Mel Brooks films its more of an honor. Even George Lucas was happy to get parodied.
i think that scene sticks with me the most. Then the eartha kitt and Santa Baby.
Thats some good film another one for the books on the Blog, you know i like to keep it vintage retro and something interesting about pop culture.
Not generally seen by most.
I really liked those dance numbers, reminds me of the best of Mary poppins, Eartha Kitt was just wonderfull too I love her.

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