Latest covid BS

Euro parliament oct 11th The MP Rob Roos questioning pfizer director states the vaccine wasnt tested against transmission.
So doesnt protect from contracting, doesnt protect against spead transmission, maybe protects against symptoms lol.
This is the biggest grift of my time.
Thats why they wanted to block documents 75 years.
Un-fucking believable.
I watched cops, soldiers get fired, nurses get fired, people that chose to not get vaccinated were blamed on hospital backups.
When the whole get vaccinated to protect others was a lie.
Watched the feds shut down the tried tested and true pandemic early warning system, travle mandates, NOT based on science.
If this is a real democracy there should be accountability.
This on the eve of the inquiry into emergency measures act.
Yea no we just watched small businesses destroyed, big boxes make record profit.
Rights, and constitution trampled on.
Its really quite shocking, yet not surprised.
Lets see what unfolds cause aint no media in Canada reporting on this, heck they cant even show up to parliament. Or rather without the hybrid model.
Oh theyll be anywhere else fancy euro vacations galore.
No dount they dont want parliament look what was just uncovered in euro parliament.
Um id like to see everyone that spread this bullshit about vaccine protecting against transmission and bashing others get their disinformation called out.
This is really the biggest grift I have ever seen, and any critical thinker, is just gonna disregard the authorities in a serious pandemic.
Just treated worse than lab animals for a quick profit. Un-fuckin believable.
Im pretty disgusted with those that propagated these lies and spread this massive disinformation.
You wanna stay ignorant cause the truth is uncomfortable and truth hurts be my fuckin guest.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85