Band of Brothers ’01

Slacking on the blog.
What can i say I revisited some USA WW2 hardcore tv series, HBO.
Politics just got me so damned pissed off.
Watching the event unfold in a fictional historic masterpiec by the Tom Hanks.
Every part of this show is great.
Heavy gore, personal testimony.
I enjoyed following the 101st on google maps.
It was pretty great viewing it after 20 years.
Those were real people doing crazy shit and crazy mental experience for the benefit of the free world.
Im both shocked to see what happened back then, and shocked to see the way the world is today after that.
The holocaust in particular, and the shaping of facism particularly concerns me.
That some would cheer such a blood bath.
Anyways the series for only 10 episodes long is fantastic I was glued to the TV.
Really hard on the volum cause the machine guns and artillery, is like way too loud, and just carnage.
The dull moments.
Yeh Capt Spiers and Major Winters some pretty incredible stories.
I watched this long ago but was interesting to revisit.
Not sure what else I can write about this, just some historical accuracy mixed with fiction, im sure everyone is quite proud of that.
I guess its the Tom hanks team from saving private Ryan.
Yeh i noticed Malarky in some new shows.
Just the tension in this show is unbearable so dramatic and action packed.

Author: clayton

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