Sleepy Hollow ’99

Cant believe its Tim Burton.
Master of Halloween.
So dope to see Johnny Depp Hardly recognize him from 20+ years ago.
Horror – Fantasy – Romance.
Christina Ricci , omg havent heard that name in a minute.
Absolutely beautiful especially in this role.
She played Wednesday Addams, thats why i love her so much.
Just the teenage hearthrobs lmao how embarassing.
Shes still hot af. Shes ultra famous. I love her though.
Almost as equally as I love Christopher Walkin, and buddy from Ravenous.
This is just the ultra throwback to the good old days.
Amazing sets, a wild look at the late 1700s yipes.
I never say this about a movie but wow lighting.
Reminds me of the forests of blairwitch. lol
Add in a little dark comedy for the quadruple.
Ricci looks so sweet as a blonde unbelievable.
The setting in this film does it for me.
Unbelievable creepy and visceral and liminal. Tim Burton is amazing.
You know it reminds me alot of Lovecraft origins.
The original thriller, i really respect that writing style and aspire to be that one day.
It creates a passion a lust, a theme a setting that Tim burton Really harnessed in a way.
Im just saying from my literary experience.
Thats a cool connection.
Damn Christina Ricci I love you on screen.
Shes like the sensible witch attractive witch lol.
I love her eyes.
That setting from the burnt down house what an amazing set, I really cant place Tim Burton any higher as a film maker especially from the 90’s really amazing work man. The films I grew up on.
Its all about the setting character cast, the lightin obviously the mist and steam, the special effects almost comes last which is wonderful.
These creepy ass sets seriously.
That scene was amazing withg the magistrate lol wow.
Johnny depp is a wonderful actor no doubt.
The film is beautiful so glad i revisited this.
Hey hes wearing the puffy shirt lol.
Witch scene holds up more or less.
Now we got the Yoda Darth Vader tree with some added flair.
Shes so beautiful in those dark damp woods.
Holy fuck not holdy on showing the headless horseman, those scenes were crazy. Only took an hour of film till we see the antagonist.
Omg those dream scenes are terrifying. Witch hunt and fear from the past.
Breaking up graves, and witches.
Ricci is such a contrast to the film its really epic.
Damn shes hot when shes mad too lol.
The conclusion of this film is the best.
ITs a slow creepup to chaos and mayhem, mystery.
Love Horses in movies aslong as they treated nice. Rarely but it makes for a amzing flick. I knew buddy from ravenous was a evil character, the plot unwinds.
Oh that is savage!.
THe denouement in this movie is crazy its fantastic, really grips you.
Evil stepmom who could have guessed.
Hahah Johnny depp riding the headless horseman! hahaha
Ricci on the reigns doesnt get much better than this lmao.
I guess Physics affects the Horseman more than spirituality.
That is one fuckin amazing movie.
Romance Horror Comedy thriller mystery. And they lived hapilly ever after.
Christer walken with the only line A disgrunteled yell.
I gotta say thtas one of the best finales ive seen in a long time.
Epic soundtrack.
Really miss the tim burton.
Sick fuckin movie. 10/10 bravo!

Author: clayton

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