Mars Attacks ’96

Been a minute since I seen this one, was happy to see Micheal J fox, Jack Black, Jack nicholson, um James bond.
Lots of crazy actors and crazy scenes.
Its a fun medium gore movie, the special effects are neat, some scenes I forgot about so it was a good taste of Nostalgia.
I cant really remember when this came out, i must have rented it or something.
That takes me back man 1996 lol.
How naive we all were thinking the good times would last forever.
I like the scene where the alien dresses up like the tall blonde and immediately he starts hitting on her, and just ridiculous things.
ANother scene is the Army ambasador calls up the wife and kids and is like see I told you you work hard, now i get to meet the aliens, hes the first to get shot.
The whole punchline in that movie is the Slim Whitman – Indian love call lol.
I decided to revisit cause it was Tim Burton after I saw Sleepy Hollow I really studied the scenes.
Hes really a great filmaker. Lighting characters sets, I dunno this movie was epic.
The more i learn about movie production, this one was an interesting one to watch.
They really didnt cut the scenes with the aliens short theyre everywhere. Just full on special effects, and playing with the head replacement its great.
Which is great cause back in the day they used to never show the monster, till way at the end and only a quick scene.
NOw it was a full frontal comedic assault.
With some pop culture jokes, i dunno fun seeing all the A list actors from back in the day all in one movie.
Great film, silly but fun.

Author: clayton

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