Harlem Nights ’89

Huge Eddie Murphy fan, this came up on the reddit nostalgia.
Decided to watch it.
Nothing sweeter than watching all the R- rated movies from when i was a kid.
Never seen this movie before. The theme and settings were great.
It was a little cheezy but was some good adult comedy, i mean geez Richard Pryor.
Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, Arsenio, another few I cant recall. The crooked cop detective was great too.
Richard Pryor that takes me back to a simpler time.
Same with Eddie Murphy, I think it was a pretty good movie, nothing i didnt really like about it, gangster action comedy romance drama.
Just a fun movie throwback to back in the day, a day in the late 30s maybe where Richard Pryor and Eddie murphy are family lol.
Eddie plays a sly dectective slash criminal tough guy, smart and dangerous.
Richard plays the playboy club owner with a heart of gold just out to make a name for himself and do business and make money.
I think my fave scene was when Arsenio chasing Eddie and that car scene and Eddie just jumps through the window that was hilarious.
The boxer kinda funny.
The villain is like a typical villain in these movies, wants to make too much money, gets in the heroes way then underestimates em and eventual downfall.
I just i love the 80’s and Eddie takes me to my happy place.
A movie without cellphones and screens and just fun.
Doesnt take itself too seriously but enough decent acting to make you forget about your troubles for a bit.
Plus just delightful to see Richard on screen again, its been a while.
Otherwise i enjoyed that.
Just silly setting with some late 80s effects and jokes.
Rotten tomatoes gave it a very low rating but the google reviews are high.
Rotten tomatoes doesnt know what its doing honestly they dont know what makes a good movie in my opinion lol.
Id be better off just searching the lowest rated movies, and call it a day.
Meanwhile im venturing what is rated high is just straight garbage.
Cant totally confirm.
I think if its mainstream and popular it gets a good rating, if its niche and not mainstream or widely advertised or critiqued it gets low ratings.
Ity wasnt no Beverly hills cop 3 but was just as memorable.

Middlebrow thats me kinda, lower middlebrow maybe, with a mix of high. Maybe yea true middlebrow.
Just reading about Pryor a bit.
Redd Foxx never heard of him but he looks familiar.
Lol these nominations for worst movies lol.
I dunno im a fan of these have you seen the blog i mean it wasnt the worst thing I watched I was actually kinda enthralled to see some of my stars from the yesteryears, plus im a huge Eddit Murphy fan for life!

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