48 hrs ’82

Lol watching Eddie Murphy movies.
This one was ridiculous but great.
Maybe one of the better cop buddy movies Ive seen.
It was just ridiculous, ridiculous characters, protagonists, ridiculous scenes and car chases gun fights.
It was well made, really 80’s and cool car chases.
Nick Nolte is one ice cold bad ass, Eddie Murphy is cool and funny.
Typical stereotypes, angry police chief, angry girlfriend lol.
I liked the setting in San Francisco.
I liked the China town neon lights and the final scenes.
The characters developed ok.
Nick Nolte just a racist asshole, but turns around into a buddy situation.
Eddie Murphy makes me laugh.
Loved that Cadillac and the way he drives it.
Just really some of the best of the 80s.
Rated R something I could never watch as a kid, but nothing stopping me now lol.
Ive been to San Francisco too so that was a cool throwback.
Yeh Nick Nolte super overkill thats probably the first movie Ive ever seen him in, but hes a natural like Kurt Russell, lol.
The scene where he empties out his pockets to fight Reggie Hammand, classic.
There was some good laughs in that, totally worth my time.
Was cool seeing the Hill billy bar, and the other rock club. I guess 82 some racial segregation happening in the states so the black white buddy cop movies are a funny contrast.
Especially two wild characters like that.
Its a film style thats worked well over the years. I think of all the way up to Rush Hour, same formula, different characters.
Just makes me chuckle thinking bout how crazy that was.
Gotta love the 80’s heavy nostalgia for me.
The dialogue and smokey rooms, and slamming the phone and swearing.. Takes me back lol.
It thought lots of populated scenes worked well, lots of busy streets busy clubs. Busy train station chase.
Didnt skimp out on the car chase scenes.
That was the first Eddie Murphy movie so I decided to watch em all and be a connoisseur lol.
Crazy how 48hrs has outstanding ratings and Harlem Nights is very very low.
When they were both enjoyable.
If I had to compare I’d have them at a very close tie.
Nothing beats the Beverly Hills cop III for me. But theres things I liked about Harlem Nights thats wasnt in 48hrs. And, vice versa. I think the car chases were better in 48hr, but Harlme Nights was a little funnier. More Cameos in Harlem Nights, but 48 hrs had Nick Nolte. Ah its cool to finally see the first Eddie Murphy film. Enjoyed that very much.

Author: clayton

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