Trading Places ’83

Wow thats a good holiday movie lol.
Havent seen that since I was young. The PG rated tv version.
I gotta that that was refreshing.
That movie was the bomb.
So freaking funny I couldnt stop laughing.
Its a comedy, heist, romance, revenge, good ending.
Ill just go through characters cause theyre so funny.
Eddie murphy; kills it as poor and as rich.
The first rich man party.
The legless vet scene.
The jail scene and the kung-fu.
The encounter with Dan Akroyd, and suitcase.
The first few days rich, the immediate successes.
The smoking weed in the toilet.
The heist.
The kind deed.
Dan Akroyd really kills it almost better than Eddie sadly. lol.
The rich pompous style.
The gets arrested and poor.
The encounter with Jamie Lee Curtis, the rough streets of Philly, the lost friends. The pawn shop. Omg the Santa scene and bus ride he really kills it.
Then hes black face on the train which is kinda weird but I couldnt help from laughing him and Eddie playing like old Africa buddies, is so fk ridiculous.
Then finally the ending where they pull off the mostly legit heist.
Wow epic ending to the movie.
Duke Brothers not much to say, seem kind and mean, two faced in the end.
Jamie Lee Curtis, Beautiful and charismatic smart and for whatever reason she helps Dan Akroyd lol.
The business spy, typical villain.
The butler, cheeky kinda funny, kind.
Loved the ending to this movie, the second half once Valentine discovers the plan, he groans as Santa its absolutely hilarious, and sad at the same time, mostly hilarious.
Alls well that ends well, this movie is an 80s classic was so happy to revisit it.
Was so worth it, I was cry laughing at the jokes.
And, its just great they team up at the end.
Has to be one of my favorite Dan Akroyd movies, hes such a wild actor, same with Eddie, they really got the buddy genre down.
Its not a cop movie, but business deal, and yea, they hayday of the world trade center, wow thats a retro scene forsure.
Funny to see the trading, much before the digital age, there was advertisements for apple ii but nothing like what im writing this off of.
So yea I watched that in two parts but definitely a adult comedy, Christmas is on after watching that lol.
Just thinking about makes me tear up a little lol.
And Philly is hardcore, definetly want to visit one day.
Party on the amtrak with the Belushi brother.
I guess the dukes were some famous actors from the 60’s.
Omg its Paul Gleason from Breakfast Club, no doubt I remember him as a perfect a-hole character.
Bo diddley

Author: clayton

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