Best Defense ’84

Movie was ok pretty retro and silly jokes.
Some ok action, nothing like 24 hrs.
I still enjoyed it, follows some engineering defense contractor drama and Kuwait.
Eddie Murphy is the Army tank Lt. And, Dudley moore was the other lead.
Havent heard alot about theses casts before.
I enjoyed the movie, the story telling was good, the production not as good.
Raunchy jokes.
Characters were mostly believable although ridiculous. That annihilator tank was ridiculous.
The tank insides was ridiculous, it was weird how 2 stories were going simultaneously 2 years apart but all connected in the end which was cool.
Just a slapstick off the edge of your seat wacky movie.
I liked the 80s sets, hotels decor, clothing.
Cars, Eddie murphy was funny as usual.
Just as a whole piece it was funny, but not as funny as Dan Akroyd dressed as santa all pissed up.
Like I was chuckling cause it was funny, action, and adventure.
Trading Places, I was cry laughing cause it was so ridiculous and funny.
Probably bottom tier for me, but I still enjoyed it.
I had to see what happened.
I thought the ending was clever, and its just so stupid watching defence contractors, FBI, tank crews acting like that its a joke parody you know.
Like when the generals come in during the sting operation, Or eddie in charge of a tank crew, its just so stupid you cant help but laugh. All in good fun though.
Hmm interesting Helen Shaver, voice for little foots mother.
Bunch of other movies im vaguely familiar with.
Ok Kate Capshaw, married to Spielburg, She was in Indiana Jones.
And some other films not familiar with neither.
Overall Id watch it again, but its not top tier Eddie Murphy, although i was happy and laughing to see him as a tank commander from Cleveland lol.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85