Beverly Hills Cop ’84

What can I say about this movie, its ridiculous its action, its fun Its Classic Eddie Murphy.
Love the cop that doesnt follow rules always in trouble, acting like a gay, a customs guard, a cigarette smuggler,Rolling stones writer.. he gets into all the trouble just barges in guns-ablazing its hilarious.
Its just classic nostalgia for me, differences between Detroit and Beverly Hills, and procedure. The banana in the tail pipe lol. Thats so epic funny. Taggerty and Rosewood just a hilarious Duo, they really got their characters figured out by the third one. I dunno I just love this movie franchise, looking back its not all that great but im bias beacuse of nostalgia. I think the jokes are good, classic gangsters and villains. Classic pissed off police chief. Its way better than best defense but, incomparable in a way. This one is a comedy but its got some action too, its lighthearted and not too serious. Follows the buddy cop 80s movie formula. I like this one better than II but I think III is still the best for me lol, cause its so ridiculous. But it was a good one for today. More 80s greatness. Good start to the franchise. Not sure what else I could write about it, just logging it and moving onto the next one.
Ooh Ronny Cox was on Start trek TNG thats interesting. Deliverance lol.
Jonathan Banks was in Breaking bad neat.
Damon Wayans first movie lol.

Author: clayton

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