Beverly Hills Cop II ’87

Not much to say bout this one, just add it to the log.
Its a good movie, its funny.
Axel Foley back in LA.
New pissed off police chief.
The villains are funny.
Ive seen this dozens of times by now.
Rosewood and Taggert are pretty funny.
I love the Eddie Murphy improv.
The shooting club, the dinner club, hes like this Medi-lux explosive research company, (hes all sweating).. Plutonium nitrate multi explosive sound seeking projectiles, lol.. Thats so funny its borderline hilarious. Then he makes her pay him. ahah
Oh yea the Beverly hills mansion, construction dudes. The strip club, The police inspersonation. The ferrari. Ah its all good and funny. Rosewoods firepower. The cement truck at the Playboy mansion.
Theres some good jokes, Cant decide if its better than the first.
The villian is kinda cheezy their pulling off all these ridiculous heists. The Bev hill cop I was more realistic, the Bev hills cop 3 is just straight insanity.
Overall its a good franchise much better than the Golden child although i enjoyed em both for different reasons.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85