Original Star Wars

Holidays gonna watch the starwars lol.
Ill tell you how i feel about it 🙂
First star wars is the best.
Fuck that movie awesome its just as great the 50th time through.
The first one is the best.Just leaves you wanting more.
Feel so good after watching that, the scenes are so well put together for a purpose and and ‘action’ set. The effects are mind boggling and conflicts, its the perfect movie.
Fukkk yaaaa! so glad i watched that again. Brings a tear to my eye lol.
The new scenes are cheezy but whatever. I fuckin love Star Wars and just hearing that music blasting through my little speaker is wonderful.
I love how George Lucas is in Beverly Hills Cop III.
You know whats next, im clearning the whole schedule: Star Wars!!!!

Author: clayton

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