Episode 1, 2, 3

Just horrible.
Entertaining a bit, Coruscant is ok, Padme/Amidalla is ok.
The ships and characters are almost a step down.
The Cgi isnt the greatest.
Anakin is mostly annoying.
Obi wan is ok.
The clone troopers are ok.
looks cartoony.
I dunno I watched em again, not to be a hater, love star wars, but these ones just dont do it for me.
Oh gawd Jar Jar lol.
The pod race is ok.
Its just a 6 hours of mediocrity.
The Dooku anakin scene is ok.
See the start of the Emperor.
I would still reccomend 4,5,6 first watch 1,2,3 if youre die hard.
Otherwise can almost be skipped lol.
It was hype when it came out, but not nearly as fun as 4,5,6.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85