The Clone Wars film ’08

Watched it it covers some loose ends.
Animation is cool, characters are cool.
Its like pg-13 Its pretty cool no complaints.
The battles are cool.
I dunno its fun, theres some schenes that are easier in animations than traditional film and i think they make good use of that.
Id watch it again, new main character. Ahsoka Tano
Lowest grossing, I never seen it till now.
All new cast.
Ian Abercrombie no way , mr Pitt from seinfeld thats great.
Oh Samuel Jackson, for a quick cameo. Not much dialogue but nice to see a familiar face.
Who else could voice him lol. Probably well paid too.
Christopher Lee aswell, with a more dialogue. Hes great.
Ah that was fun, wasnt expecting much was better than I thought.
Meh who cares what rotten tomatoes thinks, I tend to disagree with their ratings more than 8/10 films I watch. And if I enjoy em isnt that whats important?
Ive been watching film aslong as any sour critic lol.
I just have a better attitude and thus easily entertained.
I could have but i think its un-comparable to some other Star Wars films this one being animated.
Its like more enjoyable in some aspects than 1,2,3 cause doesnt take itself too seriously its more focused on the entertainment of it all.
1,2,3 takes itself pretty seriously and it comes off a little cheezy, with some awesome parts.

Author: clayton

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