New Addams Wednesday

Um watched some of this, bout midway through.
They updated the characters, modernized.
So i think its cheezy in some aspects.
The characters are a little silly.
Wednesday did a good job.
Just lacks a little of the slapstick from the Values movies.
The comedy replaced by morbid and dark drama. That takes itself seriously, which is kinda weird, but the Addams still have their kooky personality.
And all sorts of teenage romance.
The sets are amazing, the characters and costumes, I mean its Tim Burton im a huge fan.
i mean even Sleepy Hollow held some comedy aspects a little better.
I consider Addams family a comedy not a drama so much.
That being said it was entertaining and gripping to watch some new interesting storylines, some good writing, acting, pretty good.
i cant complain really hope the series goes places.
i liked Christina Ricci as Wednesday, so its hard for me to accept new characters.
I like Tim Burton too, so its easy to forget the things I find different and accept new things.
Just not everything needs a reboot and a netflix special, but if you gonna do it might aswell do it right like this.
Gomez I dunno. Gomez is hispanic whatever. Is the character Gomez, well i never seen him sword fight, never seen him crash trains.
Catherine Zeta Jones plays a good Morticia.
Pugsley could be a little more rambunctious little more violent, but show isnt about him. Was a little reserved.
Thing was good.
Didnt see cousin It.
Ok heres my criticism, Its like thats so Raven. They had to do the psychic abilities like a marvel superhero instead of a light comedy or fantasy.
Its like too fantastic.
Moreover its got every clichee from the Universal monsters, werewolves, mutants, draculas, it was like a little lighter humor in the movies yes the relatives were all crazy but then it turned into some colonist outcast vs colonists, and i was like ok whatever side plot. Very much like Harry potter and the school for misfits, or the school for mutants X-men.
And its like the police dramas were real so it takes itself seriously, not like scooby doo sillyness.
Anyways, those just some of the small negatives, I really liked what I saw otherwise and would recommend. I just cant keep my mouth shut about some of the things I find cheezy my apologies.
Nothing like the first Addams Family movie and super nintendo game. They really had a feel for the mansion and characters were kooky and, yeh better than the munsters.
It was fantasy and fantastic outside the realm of normal reality.
This time its politics discriminations lies a bit of fantasy in a real exaggerated world. I dunno its fun.

Author: clayton

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