Masters of the Universe ’87

Found this on some youtube free movies.
You know Canada youtube has a bunk selection im using VPN for this.
USA youtube free movies owns Canada. Just i looked at the Canada selection got like 3 things id maybe watch, some Stella Dallas, 1937 couldnt even watch that without a login.
What has happened to the internet.
On the USA you can watch Clint eastwood, all the B movies, no login ( except for rated R) which is fine I suppose. I pretty much figure any son, that asks his dad to watch Clint Eastwood aint gonna say no. They might bicker about the rating but ultimately as a kid you gonna see that.
Now just some current event you got Velma, just an abomination to scooby doo that makes it adult for nothing , nah I cant stand it when directors or film writers add in the drama with no experience just to be controversial. Oh and dont get caught criticizing the shitty film piece otherwise you a racist lol. Its lol cause its a fuckin joke. Nah authors nowadays really cant think of anything new or original, just wanna trash the memories for the rest of us. I actually like seeing all the hilarious Velma reviews gives me something to laugh about. Thankfully in this case money talks and with Disney Amazon and HBO money is really their bottom line, so the audience always right.
Now lets get back to some classic mayhem. Masters of the Universe, gee I loved He man as a child. He man She ra all the toys all the cartoons. Yeh i know it was a marketing ploy to sell toys to kids, but the content was awesome, I mean it competed with GI-Joe TMNT.
Rigth away dolph lundgren as the star. Its good. You got the locksmith. Twin sister of He-man, how dope is that. I seen the float on the 80’s thanksgiving parade in NYC (on tv) you got the man-at arms, you got skeletor, you got the villain army which is very star wars esque. I gotta say this movie is free to watch and im very thankful. They end up on earth. Theres a cow. Its all very 80’s action in a light way. It reminds me of TMNT. You gotta understand when kids seen this as kids, they were so excited to see their superheroes on the big screen, they didnt flop it like Marvel , or DC nowadays. They stuck to the story and the story lines, they (screenwriters) didnt include all their cringe baggage. Respect to Peter Jackson. He really did well with Lord of the rings the more I read. Good grief, now i understand why Calvin and hobbs didnt want shnitty toy representation, cause then you get some abomination Archies and abomination scooby doos. You wanna make a hating on the white man movie make it like Last of the Mohicans, or Dances with wolves, or better yet Rush Hour, fuck that shit was dope and comical. Thats how you do it. Otherwise generate some new characters, and dont stain some has been. Its like Flintstones bollywood. I dunno they tried it, you wanna disgrace Thor in front of everyone, poor Stan Lee. It wasnt like that when I grew up. And there was tons of female heroines that didnt have to replace anyone. I just have an issue with Reboots. I will say best Reboot I seen lately was Wednesday, didnt ruin the character or family, added to some story that was fun and fascinating. Im even stoked for Spiderman across the spiderverse. oooh interracial couple like Im supposed to be shook. Its like NAh, I seen Enter the Dragon. That shit was in your face. 1973! I grew up on that shit. Bruce Lee story was amazing. I accepted the hero and was shoked at the prejudices of society. And I still Loved Bruce Lee and his wife. So good grief, its all meant to be sooo shocking well guess what im not shocked, I think its cool Black Spiderman. Actually to be honest, i like Into the the spiderverse, and some cartoons, but to be perfecly honest Spiderman movies were wack, even wacker, Iron man, that shit was wack! Nah they did my bro Stan Lee wrong.
I digress. Just had to get that off my chest.
And its a throwback to the 80’s where we werent presented such garbage.
To be honest too i think the TMNT reboot was also wack.
Im stuck in the past i guess, cause this shit aint cutting it.
Havent invented anything new ruin everything, why cant you be like Masters of the Universe.
The shit is so simple.
Even the Predator remake, was loved by everyone.
Gee i wonder why, cause they didnt make predator some sewing, elder granny, baking pies like cmon.
Actually like seems to me the commentary on films has more effect than the over saturated civics.
I mean civics is important, but thats a rich mans game, seems like critiques to film, (and original film) has more of an impact on civic than any one man to be ignored by endless lawyer tricks and ignoring email Thats maybe a topic i should explore at a later date.
I feel like its a rhetorical question that I know culture, film and pop culture most likely has a significant degree of more impact than dealing with numpty politicians. haha.
_ I digress a second time. Anyways our heroes are cut, they cut to a scene with a beautiful young Courtney Cox, Working at a chicken joint. Last date with her BF. I read here mattel was very insistant on what He-man could or couldnt do. Where were you Hannah Barbera!? Ah so its Warner Brothers fault apparently for you know what. And, how they killed it with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, why would they do that ? lol
Oh yeah theres a Delorean.
Who cares its a little chicken place in any town USA.
Wow actually some trivia thats where Rodney King was beat..
Oh fine it wasnt even written as He man originally, but had a rebrand.
Well i found the spot, its Discovery Cube LA, turned it into a kids museum ahhaa, I guess thats fitting with the whole reboot ruining everything for me.
So they eat friend chicken lol.
The villains in this are so hilarious.
The scene with Heman and courney cox is just the absolute best lol.
Back to the future ahaha.

Lol they driving a Cadillac this movie is awesome lool. No doubt its a cult classic every scene is ridiculous slash fun
Thats it those edits are the moat hilarious.

He man is my slave!
did someone ask fro a key-tar solo lool
thats one of the best worst movies ever.
I still respect this movie even though its cheezy AF.
wtf even is this looll.

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