Ai Seinfeld and absurdity of 2023

Internet pop culture.
There was a new AI Generated Seinfeld, parody, with Chat Gp ai scripts, Telling jokes.
Was running 24/7 on twitch since December, Already banned on twitch today, Feb 6. For ‘transphobic’ Jokes lmao.
Very Dave Chapelle esque.
Gonna pair that up with the new Harry Potter game movement against JK rowling, where if you play the game somehow your an evil person against the movement.
What ever happened to Boycotting something by yourself, and people can join your movement instead of this boycott shaming lol.

So anyways lol, The AI seinfeld already been banned. Welcome to 2023 where Ai robots telling jokes is banned, Harry potter video games are evil and cancelled.
But strapping Guns and bombs to robots thats still ok.
Or Ai driving systems causing accidents and endagering lives, thats fine.
The comedy was too good or offensive self fulfilling prophecy to get cancelled. lol. Just teh fact a cheezy Ai subpar Joke telling script got itself cancelled is pretty hilarious to me lol.

Ill just ad everytwhere in entertainment media, theyre reveiwing it like a real show, as opposed to a internet sensation people are like , its cancelled : good! nyah.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85